Q ueenscliff Heritage Day
On Saturday 23rd February 2002 members of the MAAV assisted in a standard dress helmet diver exhibition as part of one of the many heritage activities organised to celebrate 200 years since Europeans first entered Port Phillip.

In 1802 Lt. Grant first entered the Bay in the Lady Nelson and during February 2002 Rye, Sorrento, Queenscliff and Geelong celebrated the bi-centenary with numerous locally organised activities. Activities included displays of Sculling, Whaleboat Racing, Breeches-Buoy rescues and standard dress helmet diver exhibitions.

Photos show MAAV members in various kit including Siebe Gorman standard dress, Desco and Chinese TF12 helmet set, Superlite 27 commercial gear and 1972 to present scuba outfit.

Many thanks to MAAV members Des Williams, John Osmond and Malcolm Venturoni for providing Superlite and standard dress diving equipment and the opportunity for MAAV members to try this unique diving experience.

Photos Eric Langenberg and Des Williams

Certificate Of Appreciation

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