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Protected Protected as an Historic Shipwreck
Location The wreck lies some 300 to 400 metres from the southern shore of Clonmel Island in shallow water. The site is approximately 1.5 nautical miles NE of Port Albert entrance.
Longitude, Latitude 146 41' 75 E, 38 43' 75" S
Depth The remains of the boiler steam dome is just awash at low tide and the wreck constitutes a distinct hazard to navigation in the area.
Typical visibility Typically poor visbilty of 2 - 3 metres
Favourable wind conditions The site is exposed to weather from south to east.
Access Port Albert
Best tides
Hazards The Blackbird wreck-site is often subject to poor visibility, strong surge and a current running parallel to the shore. Access to the site is severely restricted by weather and sea conditions, Port Albert having one of the most difficult and dangerous estuarine entrances on the SE coast. The sand bars and banks at the entrance, constantly shift and local knowledge is essential for safe navigation.
Points of interest A dive on the Blackbird is a fine opportunity to see a mid 19th century steamship of traditional shape in a remarkably intact state.