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Images left to right: excavation Mountain Maid (1841-1856); H.M.S. Pandora (1779) cannon 'six pounder'; artificial seagrass matting stabilisation William Salthouse (1824-1841).
Photos courtesy Heritage Victoria's, Maritime Heritage Unit.
Pandora photo courtesy Peter Harvey, MHU.

stablished in 1978, the Maritime Archaeology Association of Victoria (MAAV) is an association of dedicated divers, historians and archaeologists actively involved in recording Victoria's maritime heritage.

The MAAV works closely with Heritage Victoria's Maritime Heritage Unit (MHU) in researching, surveying, cataloguing, conserving and promoting our maritime past.

Projects across Victoria are organised regularly. This results in a large amount of work and data collection within a short period of time culminating in published reports.


Some of the many projects (see Project Index) by members include:

  • H.M.V.S.Cerberus (1867-1926)
  • the identification of WWI J Class Submarines
  • the locating of the S.S. City Of Launceston (1863-1865)
  • the excavation of the snow brig Mountain Maid (1841-1856)

MAAV members in conjunction with the MHU have participated in the following state funded projects:

  • excavation and stabilisation work on the William Salthouse (1824-1841)
  • excavation of the Australian built Clarence (1824-1850)
  • survey work on the P.S.Clonmel (1836-1841), Will of the Wisp, Monumental City (1850-1853), Loch Ard (1873-1878)
  • and of particular significance the City of Launceston (1863-1865) which attracted interstate participation.

The MAAV has been actively involved with interstate shipwreck programs such as:

  • HMAS Pandora (QLD),
  • HMS Sirius (Norfolk Island),
  • Zanoni (SA),
  • Sydney Cove (TAS)
  • SS Xantho (WA).
  • IJN Midget Submarine (NSW).

Images left to right: MHU dredging on the Faugh-a-Ballaugh (1845) a wrecksite located by MAAV member Terry Arnott; propellor and shaft of the Monumental City (1850) one of the first wooden, screw steamers to cross the Pacific; examining frames on the Australian built Clarence (1841).
Photos courtesy Heritage Victoria's, Maritime Heritage Unit.

The association actively promotes the Australasian Institute For Maritime Archaeology (AIMA) in conjunction with the Nautical Archaeological Society United Kingdom (NAS). Courses over several levels with this institute lead towards internationally recognised certification. This knowledge is utilised within the MAAV to pursue and complete local projects.

The association has access to a vast information database. This includes access to professional maritime archaeologists, universities, the Historic Shipwreck Advisory Committee, and the Maritime Heritage Unit of Victoria. The association has interstate and overseas affiliations.

What we need
You do not have to be a diver to benefit from membership of the MAAV. We need draughtsmen, artists, researchers, experts in their chosen field. Above all we need enthusiasm.

If our many and varied activities interest you, please feel free to attend any MAAV meeting or scheduled activity as a visitor and our guest.

See what we are about and check out the June 2001 MAAV Newsletter. Members can access the current newsletter through the Members Area

Meetings are held on the first Monday of every month at the Port Melbourne Education Centre, 343-383 Lorimer St Port Melbourne Vic 3207, The Centre is located next to Port Melbourne Admin tower . Meetings commence at 8.00 PM and visitors are most welcome. Meetings regularly have guest speakers, project reports and video footage. Monthly meetings are always followed by a newsletter.

Annual General Membership $65.00,

The MAAV is continuing strongly, and has had many past projects for example the Eivion.

If you wish to learn more about the MAAV, Contact Us:

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