The Little River Historical Society Inc. was formed in 2003 with the objective of collecting, preserving and promoting the history and heritage of the Little River area.

The Society is presently establishing a collection of historical documents and images, which will in future be available to the community for viewing and research. The Society also plans to provide regular events, displays and open days for members, guests and the community.

The Society currently holds a meeting once a month. These meetings are generally held at 7:30pm on a Tuesday evening in the Little River Mechanics Institute Hall, however, several Sunday meetings and special events are also planned for the coming year. New members and guests are welcomed.

For details of planned meetings and events, please check the Events Calendar.

New members are warmly welcomed to join in the activities of the Society. Joining the Society provides: regular meetings; invitations to events; access to the Society's collection of historical documents and images, and the opportunity to participate in the collection, preservation and promotion of the history of the Little River area.

Membership is provided on an annual basis, with membership fees as follows:

$ 30.00
$ 50.00
  Friends of the Society (over 65 yrs)
$ 10.00

To join the Society, please print and complete the Membership Application Form and mail it, with your subscription fee, to:

The Secretary,
Little River Historical Society
c/ Post Office, Little River, VIC 3211

Members are invited to volunteer their time in helping to establish the collection and to achieve the goals of the Society. Volunteers can be involved in various activities, including the collection and cataloguing of historical material, assisting with public access to the collection, providing displays, organising events and fundraising.

The Society relies on memberships, donations and fundraising for its continued operation. You can support the Society by making a financial donation of any amount or by donating equipment or materials to support the establishment of the historical collection.

For further details on how you can help support the Little River Historical Society, please Contact the Society.

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