The Little River Historical Society Inc. is currently in the process of establishing a collection of documents and images relevant to the history and heritage of Little River and the surrounding area.

A small collection of historical material has already been gathered, and the Society is now seeking to expand this collection to establish an organised archival collection which will be available to members, guests and the community for research.


The Society is currently undertaking the development of Archiving Standards and Procedures in preparation for the cataloguing of the historical material already acquired. Members will then be involved in the cataloguing process, which will be conducted according to these standards and procedures.

In addition, an appropriate storage and research facility is to be established to house the Collection. The Society is in the process of establishing funding for purchase of equipment through fundraising and applications for grants.

Once the existing information has been catalogued and stored, the Society will be actively seeking to expand the Collection through donations of historical material relevant to the Little River and surrounding area. The Society will also then undertake expansion of our facilities in order to provide public access to the collection on a regular basis.


The Historical Collection of the Little River Historical Society Inc. is currently located at:

The Library
Little River Mechanics Institute Hall
Rothwell Road, Little River, Victoria

The Society holds several historical displays each year at which a wide variety of historical documents and images from the Collection are made available to the public for viewing. For details of planned displays and other events, please check the Events Calendar.

In the future, the Society plans to provide public access to the Historical Collection on a regular basis, however, until the cataloguing process is complete, there is no provision for direct access to the Collection by the public.

The Society also plans to provide a service for Research Requests, whereby research may be undertaken on your behalf by members of the Society for a small fee in order to assist with our fundraising.

For further information regarding access to the Historical Collection, please Contact the Society.


The Society welcomes donations of or access to any historical material relevant to the Little River and surrounding area. Documents and photographs can be provided for permanent storage in the collection or for copying only.

For further information regarding donations of historical material, please Contact the Society.

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