Keilor Historical Society Inc.1990
Highlights which exemplify the features of Keilor Region.

Keilor Plains Police Station C1855

Photo left: Keilor Plains Police Station.
The prefabricated cottage is of historical and scientific (technological) significance as a rare example of a single storey prefabricated iron cottage with corrugated iron arch roof. The prefabricated iron cottage at Keilor is of significance as a rare example of a corrugated iron clad and timber lined prefabricated cottage with cast iron uprights. ...The cottage is of particular interest as an example of a relatively unsophisticated prefabrication design. ... relatively intact and unencumbered surviving example of the prefabricated buildings used during the gold rush era.

(Source: National Trust Victoria)

"Of state significance, as one of a small number of all iron portable buildings with associations with the provision of government control on the major goldfields route. The building demonstrates the manufacturing methods of mid nineteenth century building design incorporating standard cast-iron structural components with mass produced corrugated, galvanised iron cladding.

Through its association with the provision of policing on the gold route, the building also demonstrates the nature and limitations of administering the rapidly expanding colony at the time of the gold rushes, and methods for dealing with the shortages of both building materials and skilled labour."

(Source: Vol. 2 Heritage program & conservation policy. By Gary Vines Melbourne's Living Museum of the West. 1999)