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Old Iron Bridge, Keilor 'handover' from VicRoads to Brimbank City Council, Wednesday 25th July, 2012.

Iron Bridge, 1868

Photo left: The Trestle Bridge.
A historic bridge that has a special place in the hearts of Keilor locals has been handed back to the people.

Brimbank Council today officially took ownership of the wrought iron bridge from state roads authority VicRoads.

Council administrator Meredith Sussex said the bridge was of "great historical value for the Keilor district, being of state historical and engineering significance".

"It is considered a rare and intact example of 19th century Victorian engineering, constructed as a direct response to the transport demands of the gold rushes,'' Ms Sussex said.

"The wrought iron bridge was erected on bluestone abutments in 1868 to replace the original 1853 timber bridge, which had been washed away.

"The design was adventurous and experimental for its time and had no direct comparisons in Victoria." Keilor Historical Society president Susan Jennison said a lot of work had gone into protecting and preserving the heritage site.

"We are thrilled that it is going to council, as we would like to see a long term approach to its preservation."

The ownership was transferred at no cost to the council.

The Argus newspaper reported on November 23 1868:

"The bridge is a handsome and very substantial structure, and, viewed from the brow of the hill when approached from Melbourne, is exceedingly picturesque, serving greatly to relieve the extreme baldness and monotony of the surrounding scenery. The whole amount of the rates of the district for two years, together with a grant of 2000 pounds from Government, had been expended in the erection of the new bridge."

The bridge is an important link between Keilor and Brimbank Park.

(Source: Brimbank Leader 'Historic Keilor Bridge handed back to council' 25 July 2012)