Keilor Historical Society Inc.1990
Highlights which exemplify the features of Keilor Region.

The Keilor Hotel, 1849

Photo left: Keilor Hotel, Macedon Street (now known as Old Calder Highway). Early 1920s.
The Galway Arms Tavern was the first name given to the Keilor Hotel in 1849. In 1854 an Englishman named James Smith bought the tavern and called it the Red Lion. The last name change occurred in 1862 when Mathew Goudie bought the hotel for 1,000 pounds and called it Keilor Hotel.

The Gold Rush period of the 1850s meant a prosperous time for the innkeepers along the road to the goldfields. William Kelly, a traveller, in 1853, described his coach trip to ‘the diggings’ and his breakfast stop at the Keilor Hotel. He was amazed at the size of the steaks being served. The meat was grabbed from the plates as they left the kitchen of the hotel.

Ownership has been retained within the one family since 1862.