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Bridges of Keilor Region

Harrick's Cottage, Open Day 2017

Photo left: Deep Creek Keilor, Vic. William H. Cooper. (ca. 1880-ca.1900)
State Library of Victoria Collection

March 18, 2017

Harrick's Cottage Open Day 'Myriad of History Tales: countless stories about Keilor's Heritage'

The exhibition this year is about countless stories of Keilor's Heritage. Our heritage is diverse and vast. This year we are also unveiling a banner about the first Keilor Primary School. School Captain from the current Keilor Primary School Anlise and student of a former time, John Milburn unveiled this panel.

Planning for the exhibition started in November of 2016 because we had to go through all of the exhibition material we had formerly covered at Open Days. The panels and catalogue are undertaken and achieved with remarkable success by Louise Jennison & Gracia Haby with their design attributes and printing capabilities the work is completed smoothly and professionally.

The exhibitions have ranged from the Gold Rush times, ANZAC history, Women of Keilor, Rural History and last year I wrote about Bridges of the Keilor region. We have covered a vast variety of topics and we have left a legacy in all cases of recording the heritage about this part of the world.

The different members of the Keilor Historical Society all lay important roles in many different ways for this event. Everybody is respected and thanked most sincerely for their contributions.

Susan Jennison OAM
President, Keilor Historical Society Inc.