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Law and Order during the Gold Rush period

Harrick's Cottage, Open Day 2012

Photo left: Harrick's Cottage Open Day 2012.


Law and Order Gold Rush Era in Keilor Region (March 2012)

Curated by Susan Jennison OAM and Dorothy Minkoff

The exhibition re Law and Order during the Gold Rush period was very well received.
Another additional highlight or response to the exhibition work is related to the fact that we had over 80 students, plus teachers, plus some parents come along to Harrick’s prior to the open day. These were Grade 2 students from Overnewton Anglican College who wanted to learn about ‘change’. Of course we were able to talk about the content of the exhibition and talk about how families would arrive in Melbourne then walk for two days prior to arriving in Keilor then after an overnight stay going on the long walk to the goldfields.

Peter Lewinsky, Chairman of Administrators, came with his wife to the event and took part in all of the activities. We are very thankful for his participation and input.

As to entertainment we had three ‘star performers’. Andreas and Chris entertained us with singing 3 items including the ‘Policeman’s song’. George, who is a cooper brought his heritage van and then set up shop demonstrating how wooden buckets can be made.

What was different about the people who attended were many ‘newcomers’. People who had not come before and they brought their young children. What was also terrific was that they stayed and enjoyed the afternoon tea. No-one was in a hurry even though the weather was a bit brusque.

Another ‘attraction’ and point of great interest for all visitors was to meet with George Smithwick who showed his skills in making wooden buckets for instance. George is a Cooper and people learnt so much about this skilled trade that made barrels for wine and ale.

Another feature was the unveiling of a painting and portrait of a former City of Keilor Mayor, Cliff Harvey. Wendy Bitans was the person to unveil the portrait and plaque as her mother had been a close friend of the Harveys and Wendy had been custodian of this painting and had given it to the Keilor Historical Society.

Thankyou to all who attended and took part.

Susan Jennison OAM

Harrick's Cottage Open Day photo album

Invitation download as a pdf (1.1MB)

Sponsors for the day were Brimbank City Council,
Ferguson Plarre, and Overnewton Castle.