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Highlights which exemplify the features of Keilor Region.

Overnewton Gatehouse, 1849

Photo left: Overnewton Gatehouse, Keilor 1849.
William Taylor acquired Overnewton property in 1849.  The homestead was built in two stages.  The first in 1849 and the second storey in 1859.
The Gatehouse was built at the entrance of the original winding drive which gave access to the homestead.  Overnewton had its own bluestone butcher's shop, dairy and lamp house.  Adjoining the boot cleaning rooms were the shearing sheds, coach houses and hay lofts.  The Gatehouse building consists of three rooms and a storage area.
Among the earliest residents of the Gatehouse were Richard and Margaret Griffith who lived there with their three children.  Two of the children, Lewis and Patrick, were born there.