Keilor Historical Society Inc.1990
Highlights which exemplify the features of Keilor Region.

The Keilor Blacksmith's

Photo left: Keilor Blacksmith's.
"The political centre of the village is the blacksmith’s bench. If there is a chance idler, he comes here to pore over the newspaper that by noonday is always black with the smoke and cinders from the forge, and marked with the thumb-prints of many readers … "

(Source: Donald MacDonald 'Village and Farm' in Australian Essays)

The same author recorded in 1887 that the people of Keilor area enjoyed few social pleasures.

" … the older people are conservative both in habit and opinion, while the younger, like most colonials, are deeply imbued with the spirit of a new democracy. They have no traditions to cherish, no institutions beyond those of State and Church to maintain."