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Welcome to the Keilor Historical Society.

The Keilor Historical Society was formed in 1988.

Photo left:
Old Iron Bridge, Keilor.
In this year of 2016 we have already undertaken a number of projects. The largest of course was the Open Day at Harrick's and holding two exhibitions there.

'Bridges of Keilor Region' and 'We saw the Queen' were the two exhibitions. The second one is a travelling exhibition of the Public Records of Victoria. After showing this exhibition we made up a small book with quotes from people who told their stories of when they saw the Queen. Ranging from when they were children and dressed up in rabbit suits or as police officers looking after the crowds. We learnt a lot and many of the stories were humorous and full of fun elements.

The Bridges exhibition illustrated the rich history of the Keilor region. The bridges of the area are important to note both for engineering elements, bluestone masonry, and also the social impact on the communities that lived or travelled through the region. Unique local designs, the skills of local labourers and the use of hardwood timbers that survive exposure to the weather conditions of all types plus the bridge carpentry are all to be noted. The Railway Trestle Bridge (1928) is a particular example of this architecture and engineering planning and heritage.

After March we have given talks re this exhibition plus about William Taylor, 'the Father of Keilor'. There have been persistant queries both related to family history and geographic details so our work is always demanding and challenging.
Monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, in the Keilor offices of the Brimbank City Council, Old Calder Highway, Keilor Village at 7pm.

The aim of the KHS is to promote the history of the region. During the past twenty years we have been involved with many varied projects and assignments. We have set up an heritage walk with panels, recording the history and importance of the selected sites and buildings. A video and two books have been produced to record the history of this area.
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