MARUNGI  S S  No 2236


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    Commemorative Plaque

School History (taken from "Vision and Realisation")
       Opened 6th of April 1880, S S 2236 was established in a one-room weatherboard building sited on the Yarrawonga Rd, 12 miles S/E of Numurkah township to serve the families of selectors in the area. Initial enrolment was 60 pupils under John West with his wife acting as S M (sewing mistress), the West family residing in a log cabin nearby. Closer settlement, irrigation and motor transport combined to close the school in 1957, the pupils being transported to Katandra West . See also Katandra West No 4401.

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School Building

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Teachers (pre 1955)
           Some of the Teachers and Sewing Mistresses were.

Sewing Mistress
Nunn  Miss
Gerrard Miss
Shaw Mr
Graham Miss (temp)
Langton Miss (temp)
West John
McCloud Mr
McPhee Mr
Needham Mrs
Williams Mr
Strawhorn Mr
Breen Mr
McBrair Mr
Johns Mr
O'Neil Mr
Webster Mr
Leigh Mr
Treagus Mr
Godden Mr
Cecil Mr
Cunningham Mr
Malcolm Mr
Doubleday Mr
Reilly Mrs
Chappell Miss
Mackie Mr
Lannon? Mrs (Langton)
Goodwin Mr
Baker Mr
Fahey Miss
Smiith Mr
Parker Mr
Joyce Brian
Beck Ern
Langley Mr
McPhillamy Jack
Kerr   Mrs Elva
Shaw   Mrs Laura
Kerr   Miss? Jessie
Green   Miss Harriet
Green  Elly
West  Mrs
Lee  Mrs
Cottam  Mrs
Curtain  Mrs
Cecil  Mrs
Ford B  Miss

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Students (pre 1955)

Commemorative Plaques

   A commemorative plaque was unveiled at the site of the former Invergordon South School on October 17 2004.     Ken Gervasoni introduced a former pupil, Mr Peter Tomlinson, to give a brief history of the School and township. The unveiling was performed by two former students Mrs May Wallden (Ford) and Mrs Ella Close (Ford).
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Schools of the Area