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June 2005 Newsletter

The speaker this month will be Norman Deacon who will talk on "Openers".  Norm's interest in this topic has covered many years.  As the title suggests we may presume it could be about cricket ‑ or perhaps something quite different!  All are welcome to attend!  Come early (2:15 pm) for a cuppa.

Our outing to Mirboo North last month proved a most enjoyable and interesting trip.  Along the way Eulalie Brewster and Ross Wise commented on places, such as early roads and settlements, butter factories and quarries.  We called in to view autumn in Moss Vale Park and then turned on to Berry's Creek Road where we located an old coalmine ‑ the coal seam was identified by William Scarlett in the 1880s.  Arriving in Mirboo North, Faye Marshman, President of their Historical Society, was welcomed aboard.  Faye then took us on a very comprehensive tour of the town and district, telling us something of its history and development.  The first settlement was at Baromi but when the railway came, because of the terrain, it terminated 3 kms away at what became known as The Terminus and the town established there and was later renamed Mirboo North.  We drove to Dickie's Hill and viewed the wonderful views of the countryside and visited a wood‑worker who crafts tables, etc from remnants left by the wood‑cutters.  Returning to town we viewed the 12 murals, painted by Dennis Leversha, depicting the area's early history, and saw the shopping centre, recreational facilities, cemetery and schools.  We lunched at the Historical Society's rooms, where their members had prepared our lunch and after which we had the opportunity to look at the exhibits on display.  We thanked Faye for her company and interesting talk on places we visited and to the members who catered lunch for us.  We thoroughly enjoyed the trip!

Our thanks to Ruth Tipping who plans and organises the Society's outings ‑ they are well supported and enjoyed by those attending.



Photograph Abbott Street bathing boxes (? 1940) from Olive Wilson


Photographs (24) Removal of the "Llinase" catamaran from building site in Halford Street to launching at Maher's Landing, Anderson Inlet in December 1980 from Eve Blackley


"Views from the Ridge a Pictorial History", "Mirboo North Reflections ‑ Easter 1873" purchased


Centenary of Mirboo North 1884‑1984 medal from Hazel Hayes

Thank you to these donors!

South Gippsland Yacht Club recently lodged its application for new buildings.  When this occurs it will release the "Rocket Shed" they currently use for storage.  We have already indicated to Bass Coast Shire Council our interest in its restoration and future use by the Society.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 27 July 2005.  The Annual Report and Financial Statement will be presented, followed by the election of office-bearers and Committee Members.  Members are asked to give consideration to nominating candidates for election.  At the meeting, Jean Cross and Jack Clancy will speak on "Then and Now".  Jean will speak about Inverloch and Jack on Wonthaggi.

On the trip last month, Ross Wise told a story he had heard about the coalmine near Berry's Creek Road and Eulalie added a few more details.  William Scarlett having found the coa1 seam was impatient to develop a mine on his property and couldn't wait for the diamond drills to arrive.  He engaged two scrub cutters to dig out a large block to prove its quality.  The block weighed 25 hundredweight (over one ton) ‑ the largest single piece ever removed without using machinery.  It was taken to Melbourne and then to England where it was put on exhibition and Scarlett received an award.  Later Scarlett formed the Mirboo Coal Company.

This month, the financial year ends and membership subscriptions are again due. If you have not yet joined, now is the time!



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