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Inverloch Historical Society Inc

May 2005 Newsletter

In lieu of the General Meeting this month, a visit to the district of Mirboo North is arranged.  The bus will leave the V-line bus stop, The Esplanade, at 8.45 am and return approximately 2.45 pm.  The cost, including morning tea and a light lunch at the Mirboo North Historical Society, is $13 (no refunds).  Bookings are essential - contact Ruth Tipping on 5674 3319.  Commentaries will be given as we travel along. We invite you to come with us and enjoy the trip!

John Cocking, a member of the Meeniyan Historical Society, spoke at our meeting last month on the history of postcards.  Postcards were first printed in Philadelphia (USA) in 1861 and then Austria in 1869.  It became a family pastime to collect them - often they would be displayed in an album.  In Australia, the NSW postal authority was first to publish them in 1875, and other States followed.  In 1898 permits were issued for them to be privately printed and they became very popular.  They were cheap to send - postage cost one penny - the message was short and sweet and they were delivered promptly.  The postal service then was two deliveries on weekdays and one on Saturday.  Later, local and freelance photographers printed cards.  John displayed a variety of postcards from his collection depicting art, aborigines, commemorative and special occasions, family portraits, children's illustrators, street and country scenes.  Thousands of cards were sent by troops in WWI.  Postcards reflect history - schooldays, the fashions worn, the transport used, houses and shops of the day etc.  John has been collecting for 25 years and is a member of the Cartophilia Society of Australia.  We thank him for his interesting talk and display.

At 22 June meeting, our speaker will be Norman Deacon who will talk about his interest in "Openers".



"Joe from Jumbuk" by Des Bennett from Ruth Tipping;


"Decimal Interest Rates" (1964) from Liz Catt;


"Australian Lighthouses" by Captain John Noble, "Westernport - An Ecological View" by Des Connell from Hazel Hayes.

Thank you to these donors.

It is with regret that the Committee accepted the resignation of Kath Bendle as Vice-President due to illness.  Kath has been responsible for arranging speakers for our meetings over many years and organising very successful fundraising efforts.  We thank her for the practical contribution she has made to the Society.  She continues in membership and we are pleased to report her health is improving.

Next month the financial year draws to a close.  A new innovation this year will be to send out an account with the June Newsletter to notify members their subscriptions will be due on 1 July.

Would you like to become a member of the Society?  This is the time to join!  We would welcome your support!!

Should you have an E-mail address we could forward your Newsletter directly to you.  Please advise Helen Jones, Registrar.