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Inverloch Historical Society Inc

February 2005 Newsletter

This month our speaker will be Ivan Fell who will talk about "Fell's Milk Bar" and other memories of Inverloch days. Visitors and friends are welcome to attend! At 2.15 pm, prior to the meeting, we enjoy a cuppa and chat and view items on display.  We then hold a brief business meeting which is followed by a talk by our speaker.


Vale' Bill Grieve

It is with deep sadness we report the passing, after a short illness, of our President Bill Grieve on 2/2/2005.  Bill had served on the Committee and, this year, as our President.  Over the years Bill and Kath Bendle have organised our fundraising projects and have generously given of their time to further the work of the Society.  Bill's sincerity, quiet disposition and caring ways endeared him to many.  We will miss him.  Sympathy was conveyed to his family and Kath Bendle his friend.

Kevin O'Brien spoke on "Telephones" at last month's meeting.  As a boy, Kevin told of growing up in Castlemaine where the family had three small farms.  At school, when he was about 12-13, they learnt about telephones and he got interested in them.  He connected the three farms, getting parts and doing his own lines so they could ring each other.  In 1963, Kevin joined the PMG and completed a Technicians Course and then went on to teach telecommunications.  Alexander Graham Bell developed a workable telephone in 1876 - he was interested in the production of speech and speech therapy.  In 1976, to celebrate the centenary of Bell's telephone, a group researched, compiled and published a book, "100 Years of the Telephone 1876 - 1976".  Following this the Australian Historical Telephone Society was established.  They hold bi-monthly meetings and displays in the Hawthorn Telephone Exchange building.  Many members have collections of telephones; some collect various related parts.  Kevin brought and showed five telephones he has restored.  He has about 120 at home and plans to house and display them and include working models with ringer and dial tones.  Kevin reminded us of those past days when "party lines" operated and people listened-in!!  He spoke of the rapid development in telecommunications over recent years, privatisation and the expansion of other companies in this field.  Thank you, Kevin for your interesting presentation and for donating a copy of the book to our Society.

The photographic display held at the Angling Club Market on 2/1/2005 created much interest and was well attended.  Town walks to historic sites were also held on 2 & 3 January and we thank Eulalie Brewster for giving the commentaries on places we visited.

Preliminary Notices

In March, when we receive advice on tides, we will probably walk to the wreck of the "Magnat", located at Venus Bay beach.  Watch our display board in the Arcade for this.  In May, we plan to hold a bus outing to neighbouring districts, in lieu of our normal meeting.  When arrangements are finalised we will advise of details.

In Search of George Wrigley

The search for George Wrigley continues, albeit slowly!  We reported that Mrs Wrigley and Mrs Laycock were sisters Eliza and Anne Borthistle.  Brian Borthistle of Queensland learned of our search from our website and supplied the following information: Eliza and Anne's family emigrated from Ireland to Melbourne in 1866, i.e. 6 years after the girls.  The family consisted of father, mother, 3 girls and 3 boys and a male cousin.  The youngest boy died on the voyage to Australia.  After 12 months the family moved to Sydney. The information opens up a new line of inquiry as to what may have happened to Eliza Wrigley and her son, George.  We hope that one day we will hear from relatives of Eliza's daughter Lucy McClure who died in Malvern in 1923.  Our last reference was Newsletter No-72.  Contributed by Ken Howsam.