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1999 Newsletters
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1999 Newsletters

IHS Newsletters were distributed for the following months during 1999; January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November.

January 1999

At this month’s meeting three of our members, Max Annand, Phil Jones and Don Mather, will speak on their early recollection of Inverloch. Visitors are welcome!

Our last meeting in November was held at the Angling Club, following our "Safeway Promotion". Those present enjoyed entertainment and tastings. It proved a very successful fundraiser for the Society ($390). A short business session followed and then we enjoyed a Christmas breakup.

Results of raffles were: Crocheted rug – Ken Lehmann; Christmas hamper – Norma Johnston; Basket of goodies – Marjory Savage. Thank you all for your support – especially to Kath Bendle and those who helped her.

Our artist members have produced greeting cards, using their original paintings. These are available at $1 each or a set of four for $3.

Our new logo for the Society, designed by Hazel Hayes and produced by John White, is used for the first time on the Newsletter. It depicts the "Ripple" and quote from Proverbs 22:28.

We are planning a trip to see the recently renovated Port Albert Museum in May. If you are interested in going, please register your name with Norm Deacon now.

Ken Howsam now has available the "Death Register Index for Victoria 1920 – 1985". The total indices cover 1838 to 1985.

A reminder, too, that we do have Library Lists available on request – and our library is growing. It is there for you to use!

Bass Coast Shire Council has recently awarded us a $500 Community Grant to assist in the production of three publications. These are, "Murder in Inverloch", "World War I Diary of William Campbell Young" and "Early Settlers". We hope these will be finalised for our February meeting.

Congratulations to Inverloch Coast Action Group who have received a Federal Grant of $4,800 to promote the Inverloch Coastal Indigenous Botanical Park.

Our work on the eastern foreshore area of the old sea wall culminated with a dedication ceremony which was held on 18 December 1998. Some sixty members and friends were present, including Ken Smith MP, Bass Coast CEO, Alan Bawden and the Rev Michael Ellemor. It was the first time Michael had dedicated a sea wall – and the first time many had clapped at the conclusion of a prayer! We attach a copy of "Dedication of the Old Sea Wall".

February 1999

This month members and friends are invited to bring something related to Inverloch, to show and tell of its connection and/or significance. It may be a trinket, souvenir, postcard, painting, photograph, poem, article, etc. Bring them and share your story!

At last month’s meeting, Aileen Venning was our first speaker and told of "The Screw Creek Nature Park Proposal". The objectives are to preserve the original natural vegetation that exists along Screw Creek, to expand the nature walk and to enhance the quality of water entering Anderson Inlet from Screw Creek. The South Gippsland Conservation Society and the Inverloch Residents and Ratepayers Association is seeking community support for the project. There are sites of historical significance, which include aboriginal middens, the original Inverloch-Tarwin Lower Road that crossed Screw Creek at a ford, the site where the "Lizzie" was blown up and the tip. Unconditional support was given to the Project.

Following the business meeting, Max Annand spoke on his recollections of Inverloch. We heard of his first visit to Inverloch in 1931 when the family spent Easter at "Pine Lodge" shortly after it was completed. Then in 1959, Max and his family moved to Inverloch to live and opened their Pharmacy. Max told of the existing streets and their condition and of subdivisions and road developments. If you missed the meeting an audio tape is available to hear it in more detail!

The Society nominated Eulalie Brewster (Patron), as Citizen of the Year in Bass Coast Shire. A Certificate of Community Service was awarded to Eulalie at the Australia Day Service. Congratulations Eulalie!

Walks (4) to historic sites were conducted during the first two weeks of January and were well attended (60) by interested visitors who asked many questions.

The garage sale was held at Jean Webster’s. The venue proved ideal! Don Mather was Chief Organiser and the successful result reflects his enthusiasm and organising ability. Our thanks to Jean and Don.

Summer fund- raising was most successful and results follow: Safeway Promotion $390, sale of greeting cards $50, raffles $292, walks $101, garage sale $815 – TOTAL $1648. Thank you to all who worked so hard to achieve this result.

Our next publication is the "World War I Diary of William Campbell YOUNG". Lola Bailey first typed this document some years ago and we are now producing it in book form. It is a graphic account of one man’s survival in Egypt and France during World War I. The publication coincides with the 80th Anniversary of Armistice Day on 11.November.1918. Copies are being offered to the RSL for sale to their members and will also be available from local shops and the Society. A Community Grant from Bass Coast Shire Council made the book possible

Our President Ken Howsam reports that the Inverloch Primary School Library is now located in the original schoolhouse. The Society has been asked to supply a display of historical material every three months to their Library.

An inquiry was made by a member some time ago regarding "OLD SOUTHEY" who died in the 1930’s under somewhat suspicious circumstances. He is listed in the INDEX OF REGISTER OF DEATHS FOR VICTORIA 1920-1985 as SOUTH Henry Joseph (Father: George, Mother: Hannah MISSEN), died Inverloch 1934 aged 75 years Index No 12882. This Index is particularly valuable, as many persons born in the 1850’s were alive in 1920 when the previous indices stopped. Ken Howsam has this INDEX available for use.

An excursion to the recently renovated Port Albert Museum is planned in lieu of the May Meeting. Cost $5 each using private cars or a bus if we have 30. Please register with Norm Deacon.

March 1999

At this month’s meeting, Mr. Allan Clements from South Gippsland Radio Station 4MFM will be our speaker.

Last month we were delighted to have Carol Thorn (Wyeth) to attend our meeting and speak on "Pine Lodge". The story started in 1926 when Cal Wyeth, whilst staying with his Grandmother, met a lady on the beach. Maggie Graham owned a pine paddock – from which "Pine Lodge" later derived its name. Cal purchased this land and some additional land and in April 1930 building commenced. It opened on 15 November, 1930. It then comprised 13 bedrooms, entrance hall, dining room, kitchen, electric supply, water catchment and a septic system. Staff training had been conducted and several pine trees removed. "Pine Lodge" was the best guest house in Victoria with hot and cold water, electric light, garages and a Hungarian chef (Victor Tak) from Richardson’s Hotel. In the years to follow it had many famous guests. Recreation facilities included a 9 hole golf course, two tennis courts, seawater swimming pool, motor tours, fishing trips, horse riding and dancing. Carol spoke of the employment it generated for the town. Those associated with "Pine Lodge" gathered with Carol for a photograph and to reminisce. If you missed this talk, an audio tape is available from the Society’s library.

Our two new books were launched at the February meeting: "Murder in Inverloch" by Bob Sartain and "World War I Diary of William Campbell young" edited by Bob Young. The two Bobs were congratulated and presented with copies. We acknowledge the work done by Norm and Betty Deacon and Ken Howsam in the publication of these books. Copies are available at meetings or from the Inverloch Newsagency (cost $5 each).

The Show and Tell segment at the meeting produced a variety of items including a poem by Mary Ward. Clive Newton brought Hans Fischer’s barometer, Bob Young a dead eye and Ruth Tipping showed nautilus shells. John McLean showed a photograph of a bathing beauty posing on the pylons of the old baths near the jetty (?1950). Eulalie Brewster showed a photograph taken in 1908 of a small boy looking back at Inverloch. Eulalie drew attention to the ring-barked trees in the background and also to Captain Anderson’s hut.

Recent acquisitions have included photographs from Dawn Wangman, Articles from the Wonthaggi Express 1952 from Margaret Rixon (Wonthaggi Historical Society), "On Guard with the Volunteer Defence Corp" from Iris Earnshaw, photograph from Elva Henderson, Protector’s Plains – History of the Lang Lang Primary School, 1888 to 1988, and District" and "Recipe booklet for Infant & Pre-school children – 1956".

Ken Howsam has acquired Births, Marriages and Deaths indices for Victoria (1838-1920, Deaths 1985), NSW (1799-1888), Tasmania (1803-1899), Western Australia (1841-1905). Ken will be pleased to search these indices for members and friends.

Mary Bromley of Doveton has written seeking a book, "WOORARRA – Valley in the Hills", published by William Crawford and Eva Need. If you can help, contact Norm Deacon.

Did you know there is a new mural covering the library building walls at the Inverloch Primary School – have you seen it yet?

Have you registered with Norm Deacon to visit the recently renovated Port Albert Museum in lieu of the May meeting? Cost is $5 each using private cars (driver reimbursement) or a bus if we have 30.

The eastern sea wall area has been complemented by a seat; thanks to Stan Stubbs for making this and installing it. The board depicting the story of the wall is yet to be erected.

April 1999

At this meeting, Mr. Mick Crofts will speak on his wartime service. If you have some wartime memorabilia, please bring it along to add to the display.

Last month members enjoyed hearing Mr. Allan Clements of Radio 3M-FM when he spoke on the history of this radio station. The initial broadcasts were from a tin shed on Mt Misery but later moved to William Street Inverloch where Max Annand had offered some accommodation for the Station. Programs have been revised to cater for different age groups in appropriate time slots. Local businesses are encouraged to advertise on the programs. Allan presented us with a copy of the "The Proposal" prepared in 1982 to apply for the licence of the radio station. This was submitted to the Department of Communications – the first in Australia to present their case and have their licence granted that same day.

Our two recent publications are selling well, "Murder in Inverloch" – only 16 copies are now available and only 33 copies of "World War I Diary of William Campbell young". Copies are available from the Inverloch Newsagency (cost $5 each). The "A to Z History of Inverloch" is now out of print.

The "Murder in Inverloch" has produced two unexpected responses. One from Leichardt in Sydney, from the grandson of the person who found the murdered girl. The scrapbook and photograph are to be copied and forwarded to us. The other response came from Ian Evans whose mother lived in "Canary Cottage" at that time. Mrs.. Evans had heard screams from nearby bushland. Ian has a photograph of the detective interviewing the Evans family outside "Canary Cottage" the day after the murder.

Five students from the University of the Third Age history course and two visitors met at Ken Howsam’s where Eulalie Brewster, Ruth Tipping, Ken Howsam and Nancye Durham gave short addresses, followed by question time. Ken arranged displays covering our work and activities and these were viewed with interest. The display was later visited by Committee members of IKAIR. We are hoping to use this format to show members later in the year our collection of books, articles, artefacts and photographs and how we file and store them.

Norm Deacon our Secretary is making good progress after his operation and we wish him a speedy recovery.

On 11 April, Woorayl Historical Society arranged a visit to three small ports – Toora, Foster and Port Franklin and invited us to join them. Several members went on this excursion – a report will be made next month.

In lieu of our May meeting, we have arranged to visit the recently renovated Port Albert Museum. Cost is $5 each using private cars (driver reimbursement). Bring your own lunch or buy. Bookings can be made with Ruth Tipping on telephone 5674 3319.

Recent acquisitions: Photograph from Ian Evans

"Bullockies" by L Harden (references made to Bob McRae, Jim Glare and the Muldoons)

The Gibson Index – a list of entries of 19th Century Charge Books, Victoria, from Tom Evans. This Index is on microfiche. WANTED: Microfiche reader! Do you own one or know where we could borrow one? Please contact Ken on telephone 5674 2581 if you can help.

We are still seeking a book for Mary Bromley of Doveton, "WOORARRA – Valley in the Hills", published by William Crawford and Eva Need. If you can help, contact Norm Deacon.

May 1999

In lieu of our normal meeting this month, we will visit the recently renovated Port Albert Museum. Cost is $5 each. We will meet at the RSL at 8.45 AM, returning about 5.00 PM. Drivers to bring cars and those not needed may be left at the RSL. Bring lunch or buy it at Port Albert.

Our April meeting was held a few days after Anzac Day and our speaker, Mick Crofts, told of his war service in Greece and Crete and his capture and internment in Italy. He eventually escaped and after 100 days managed to reach Switzerland. Here he was fortunate to obtain work on a farm. Later, when war ended he returned to Australia. Two years later he married Margaret, the Swiss farmer’s daughter. If you missed our meeting and would like to hear Mick’s talk we have it available from our audio library.

Members also brought and displayed wartime memorabilia. Some spoke on the items they had brought. Eulalie Brewster brought the wartime emergency police kit belonging to Cal Wyeth – this comprised helmet, badges and notebook. Betty Howsam showed a photograph of her father leading his battalion into the ruins of a French town after the war ended.

The Society has published another book "Scotland Yard and Pommyland" by Joe Chambers, Bill Grieve, Ruth Glare. It is on sale at the Inverloch Newsagency (cost $5.00). Another book is contemplated and we are revising "A Short History of Inverloch" with a likely reprint in December.

The Woorayl Historical Society’s excursion, held in April to the three little ports of Foster Landing, Port Franklin and Toora Beach was attended by several members. Commentaries were given on places of interest as we travelled along and at the ports. Eulalie Brewster has prepared a comprehensive report on the trip and this will be available at the June meeting.

In response to our request in the last Newsletter, the Morwell Historical Society answered our appeal for a microfiche reader and not only donated it but also delivered it! We thank them very much indeed!

The "Murder in Inverloch" book: A copy of Mr. J McGuiness’ scrapbook has arrived from our Sydney members. There is a photograph of the murder site that is difficult to interpret but supports Ian Evans’ recollections. It shows the area of Pier Road and Grandview Grove covered with scrub. A map showing the alternative site is available.

We still have "The Land of the Lyrebird" on sale – 5674 2796.

Farewell to Rev Michael Ellemor who is transferring at the end of May from the Uniting Church here. We thank Michael for his participation in our projects – burial of the time capsule and the dedication of eastern old sea wall.

Have you visited the display case in the arcade recently?? It is featuring the Church of the Ascension 1924–1999.

We are seeking somewhere to store items for the January 2000 Garage Sale we will hold – have you an unused garage or shed? If you can help us please contact Don Mather (5674 3289).

June 1999

At this meeting, Jim Mullens will be our speaker. Jim was involved with Inverloch carnivals and activities here over many years. He is a member of the Wonthaggi Historical Society.

In May, 33 members went to visit the Port Albert Maritime Museum. Recently restored, the Museum comprises two buildings – the former 1861 Bank of Victoria and the former CBC Bank Office. It has a paved rear courtyard and outdoor exhibit area. Displayed outdoors are two boats over 100 years old, huge sea anchors, a sea mine and navigation buoys, just to mention a few items. A wealth of exhibits is on display inside. Shipwrecks in the 1850’s around the coastline near port Albert were numerous – the most notable wreck was that of the "CLONMEL" on 2 January 1841, on its second voyage in Australia. This is the oldest steamship wreck located in Australia. This wreck led, in part, to the settlement of the town in 1841. We visited St John’s Anglican Church, dedicated in 1885, where two antique chairs and the communion rail from the wreck are on display. The Church has recently been renovated and the Foster Griffiths window restored. The kneelers used there are unique and individually tell a story. In the afternoon we visited the old Police Station, stables and immigration buildings at Palmerston, a suburb of Port Albert where the railway terminated. Our final stop was at the Alberton Cemetery.

Our thanks to Port Albert friends for their hospitality and for making our visit interesting and enjoyable. Congratulations to them on their recent awards of excellence and their Accreditation. If you haven’t visited there yet, add it to your list of places to visit soon!

We recently received from the City of Greater Dandenong a copy of their "Stage I Heritage Study 1998" Volumes 1, 2 and 3 which will be displayed at the June meeting.

Mr. Drew from Turtons Creek recently visited Inverloch and met with Eulalie Brewster and Ken Howsam. In 1926, his grandfather, John Vincent Drew, owned "The Golf Guest House" which we know as the "Two Views Guest House". Mr. Drew brought with him several photographs of that era which Ken will be adding to our collection.

Family research continues to interest our members. This service is free of charge and Ken Howsam is happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Have you an unused garage or shed? We are seeking somewhere to store items for our January 2000 Garage Sale. If you can help us please contact Don Mather (5674 3289). Don is also happy to collect any goods you may have available for this sale.

July 1999

At our third Annual Meeting this month, our speaker will be Noelle (Muldoon) Green. Noelle grew up in Inverloch and will speak on her family and recollections of the town. We will also welcome a visitor – Mrs.. Janet (Beilby) Bradshaw. Janet is the daughter of George and Amy (Wyeth) Beilby, who farmed in the 1920s onwards, where Beilby Street is now. Do come and meet Janet. The Annual Report and Balance Sheet will be presented. The Secretary is receiving nominations for office-bearers and committee. Afternoon tea will be served at the conclusion of the meeting. Do come and hear of our progress!

At our last meeting John McLean deputised for Jim Mullens who was unwell and not able to be present. John encouraged us to remember things of the past - schools, trains, buildings etc - and showed how easily these thoughts can be recalled and shared with others. John then showed a short film of the 1947-9 Miss Inverloch parades. Along with the bathing beauties, we saw "the old sea wall" and hope we may be able to have a "still" taken from the old film. Tom Evans gave information on aspects of the Coroner’s inquest inquiries, available as far as back as 1841. Tom also spoke on the "Swing Rioters" of London. Recent acquisitions, including photographs from Jim Drew, Ross Martin and our recent visit to Port Albert, were displayed An "ancient" un-restored motor mower from Armadale was brought by Clive Newton, who plans to restore it for us.

A report of a State Meeting of The Royal Historical Society of Victoria held at Leongatha last month and attended by Ken and Betty Howsam and Norm and Betty Deacon, included aspects of copyright and some commemorative events and their dates.

Ken Howsam has been researching George Wrigley’s selection. Samuel Laycock was in control of Wrigley’s selection in 1885. The wives of the two men shared the same surname, "Borthistle", and were either sisters or cousins. Samuel Laycock died in Inverloch and was buried here. Ken has visited the PRO at Laverton and Melbourne to inspect correspondence in their files. Further information is sought on these early families.

The Inverloch Cemetery Register (1888-1961) is being reconstructed and Ken has had help with this from Noelene Lyons from the Wonthaggi Genealogy Group.

We thank those who responded to our need for a garage to store goods for the "garage sale" in January 2000. Don Mather (5674 3289) will collect any goods you now have available for this sale.

We are in need of an old type vacuum box or frames used in the reproduction of old or damaged photographs. Do you know where we could obtain one of these? (Ken 5674 2581 or Norm 5674 1717).

Have you visited the "old sea wall" recently? Stalwart, Don Mather has been busy with preparation and our working bees have recommenced. Mulch has been used on the embankment and the information board installed. Don hopes he has made it vandal-proof!!! Time will tell! Our Display Case in the Arcade is featuring some additional information we received from Mr. J McGuiness from Leichardt (NSW) and Mr. Ian Evans, following the publishing of our book "Murder in Inverloch".

Robin and Ian Pearce of the Inverloch Newsagency have retired from business. We record our thanks for their help and support and wish them a happy and successful future.

Book List – This will be available for new members at the Annual Meeting.

August 1999

This month, Mr. Simon Longstaff will speak on the Wonthaggi State Coalmine and his family’s involvement in it.

Last month, the third Annual General meeting was held. Betty Howsam, Treasurer, presented the audited Statement of Receipts and Expenditure for the year ended 30 June 1999. A Report on the year’s activities was issued by Norm Deacon, Secretary. Office-bearers and Committee elected for 1999 – 2000 are:

President – Ken Howsam, Vice-President – Ruth Tipping, Treasurer – Betty Howsam, Secretary – Norm Deacon, Assistant Secretary – Betty Deacon, Committee – Kath Bendle, Bonnie Crawley, Nancye Durham, Iris Earnshaw. Eulalie Brewster is Patron of the Society. Don Mather retired from the Committee – thanks were expressed for his work.

Two interesting talks followed the business segment of the meeting. Firstly, Noelle Green (nee Muldoon) spoke of her family history. Most of her ancestors came from this district and all of them from South Gippsland. John Muldoon and his wife Emilia Noonan were here from 1864 and lived at Lance Creek on the Powlett. They are mentioned in various publications as offering food and refuge to travellers when the only access across land was a bush track. Noelle’s family were Dixons, Evans, Jebson and Muldoons. Noelle also spoke of her early years and growing up in Inverloch. Secondly, Janet Bradshaw (nee Beilby) told of her parents – her mother was Any Wyeth, a talented concert pianist who came to stay at "The Castle", Grandma Wyeth’s house, and fell in love with and married George Beilby, a dairy farmer. Janet was the youngest of eight children. When her father died they moved to Grandma’s. Janet spoke of her recollections of Inverloch and of her present visit – she is amazed at the growth in the number of shops and houses in the town. If you missed our meeting and would like to hear Noelle’s or Janet’s talk, it is available from our audio library. Afternoon tea was served at the conclusion of the meeting, with Janet cutting our 3rd birthday cake.

The South Eastern Historical Association quarterly and Annual General meetings were held on 1 August 1999 in Springvale and were attended by Ken and Betty Howsam and Norm and Betty Deacon.

A visit was made by Ken and Betty Howsam and Norm and Betty Deacon to the South Gippsland Information Centre at Toora to view the ratepayers records for Alberton Shire from 1863 to 1888. One item of interest found was that Pound Creek was rated earlier than Anderson Inlet (Inverloch).

Recent acquisitions have been received:

Jim Craig, Ronald Drew and Kath Bendle – photographs

Ted and Mavis Parks – various accounts, building regulations, and other items; Books "Victoria and the Metropolis, Volume 2" and "Skellet on the Cow " (1807)

Photographs include Beard Brothers butcher shop, aboriginal engraved stone, Elizabeth Mary Beard nursing graduate 1922 and one of a group outside "Rose Lodge" – can anyone provide information of "Rose Lodge" of those days?

The book list will be available for new members at the next meeting.

Have you any unwanted items for the "garage sale"? Don Mather (telephone 5674 3289) will collect any goods you now have available for this sale to be held in January 2000.

Old and interesting houses are rapidly being demolished in the town and we are keen to take photographs before they disappear. Please notify us if you know of any we should take.

September 1999

At our meeting this month, John McLean will speak on his service in the Merchant Navy.

Last month, Simon Longstaff, Ranger with Parks Victoria, spoke on his family’s early connections with the Wonthaggi State Coal Mine. Simon traced four branches of the family – the ASQUITHS, the DOWSONS, the JOHNSONS and, of course, the LONGSTAFFS! James Asquith migrated from England and was a mining manager in 1912 in Wonthaggi. He was in charge of the Number 5 Brace where Simon now works. If you missed our meeting and would like to hear Simon’s talk, it is available from our audio library.

We were pleased to welcome to our meeting, several visitors, including Anne and Colin Wyeth from Churchill.

Trevor Scott, Inverloch RSL, spoke on support for Australia Day 2000 in Inverloch and the need to plan such activities. We will meet with them to discuss this further.

Korumburra Historical Society is asking for memorabilia related to the early butter industry. They plan to celebrate 100 years of the Korumburra Butter Factory. Contact Doug Boston 5655 1932

The old sea wall, eastern beach, has progressed and mulch has been spread. When settled this will be replanted. Two picnic tables and bench seats adjacent to the area have rotted and are to be replaced by Bass Coast Shire Council.

The Display Case in the Arcade is featuring awards made for bravery. Have you stopped by to look? A tribute to these people: Jim Wyeth and John Graham (1906), Joe Chambers, Alexander Enterkin and Ken Howsam (1940), William (Bill) Young and Greg Swift. There may be others? Contact us if you know of others.

The book list will be available for new members at the next meeting and a supplement is now also available. Winter is a good time for reading! Have you read a book from our growing collection? Learn more about our town and district….what about "Out to the Wreck". There are plenty to choose from!

In our last issue, we asked if you knew of any old or interesting houses that we should be photographing, as many are being demolished. Other subjects we should also like to photograph are old farm sheds and dunnies. Please telephone Ken Howsam if you can help.

Recent acquisitions received from Edna Dingle were two copies of "The Great Southern Star" in 1978. One featured on the front page a photograph and report on the old Inverloch Mechanics Hall, which caught fire at 1.30, am on Sunday 30 July 1978 and burnt to the ground. Situated on the corner of Reilly and a’Beckett Streets, it was built in 1897. Other acquisitions were received:

Photographs – Kath Bendle, Lyn Chambers, Nancye Durham and Colin Wyeth

Newspaper article – Bob Sartain

Victorian Railways Book, "Rules and Regulations for Employees" (1919) – Jim Hamilton

Accounts (1933) – Mavis Penney

A photograph of a group taken outside "Rose Lodge" in 1922 has been given to us. We would like some information of the "Rose Lodge" of those days. Can you help? What about our Wonthaggi friends – do you know?

October 1999

This month, Les Scouller will speak on Shack Bay. Les had a shack there 45 years ago and will show slides of the shacks in those days. Come and hear his story!

Last month, John McLean spoke of his two years in the merchant navy. His grandfather, born in 1856, ran away to sea at 13 years and sailed in the China clipper ships. After apprenticeship in the Victorian Railways John changed to be electrical engineer on the ships Port Vindex and Orsova. He finally returned to Sydney on the Iberia as a passenger, assisting with 40 children from Dr Barnardo’s Homes who were en route to Australia.

We were pleased to welcome to the meeting, Jack and Joan Phillips as visitors.

Joan Lehmann recently holidayed at O’Reilly’s (Green Mountains, Queensland) and was told that Professor George B. Halford had had a tree named after him. Called Halfordia, safron heart or kerosene wood tree, it grows to 30 metres in rainforest areas. Noelle Green told of erecting a flagpole at her Ocean View Court home to fly a flag purchased overseas. The pole is the mizzen boom from Bob Young’s "Ripple II".

Christmas Hamper Raffle – goods may be brought to the next meeting or given to Kath Bendle or Elaine Stott.

Dates to enter in your 2000 Diary now:

26 January – Special Australia Day

8 February – Inverloch Proclamation Day 1886

Details of these events and summer activities will be advised later.

Ken Howsam is searching for George Wrigley. The story so far is that in 1876, George Wrigley and Samuel Laycock obtained a Crown grant to the No. 1 selection in the Inverloch area. This selection of 200 acres extended from what is now the corner of a’Beckett and William Streets, along the south side of a’Beckett in a straight line to Ullathornes Road and then south to Toorak Road, then easterly along Venus Street to the foreshore and thence northerly to the starting point. This information, noted on the Parish Map is all we knew of George Wrigley when this search began. Two Wrigleys are listed in the Directories of the latter half of the nineteenth century but neither seems to be OUR George Wrigley! A search for documents at the Public Record Office relating to the No. 1 selection has been unsuccessful to date, as no file number is entered on the Parish Map. Samuel Laycock, in 1878, selected a small block of 20 acres adjoining Wrigley’s block on the south side, extending westward to what is now Abbott Street, "No. 3 Selection". It seemed odd that "Laycock’s Castle" (later "Mrs.. Wyeth’s Castle") was situated on Wrigley’s property. The search for the documents of the No. 3 selection was more successful and the file proved to be quite revealing! To be continued next month …

Have you any unwanted items for the "garage sale"? Don Mather (on 5674 3289) will collect any goods you now have available for this sale.

Library : A supplement to the Library Lists is now available. New Members are reminded a Book List is available on request. To borrow books contact Nancye on 5674 2796 or Ken on 5674 2581.

November 1999

This month, Stan Ziebell will speak on early German Lutherans of the Ziebell family in Westgarth, Thomastown and Inverloch. This is the final meeting for the year and to celebrate the occasion, we will conclude with refreshments. All are welcome to attend.

Last month, Les Scouller spoke on Shack Bay. He had spent much of his younger years in Gippsland where he had relatives. His father would take the family camping at Arch Rock near Tarwin Meadows and to other beaches. In 1959, Les took his young family to camp at Shack Bay. One dilapidated shack, centrally situated was for sale. After negotiations Les bought it for forty-five pounds. Living at Heathmont, they came down weekends and holidays. Les renovated the hut, which comprised kitchen/living room and three bedrooms. A LUX wood stove, kerosene refrigerator and a water tank were brought down and installed. Slides were shown and stories were told of their life at this Bay. This talk is available from our Audio Library (5674 2796). Did you know that originally Shack Bay was named Eagles Nest?? In the 1920’s, it was known as Blundells Cove and Olsons Bay and in the 1950’s as Fishermans Bay!

In our last issue, Ken Howsam told us of his search for George Wrigley who, in 1878, with Samuel Laycock obtained a Crown grant for the No. 1 selection in the Inverloch area. To continue – the file relating to No. 3 Selection revealed that Laycock when making the application for the lease in 1876, stated that he was farming 10 acres at Bass River and that he was leasing 320 acres near the mouth of the Tarwin River. There is a note from George Wrigley with the address of the Western Bond Store, King Street Melbourne. Thus Wrigley was identified – or so it seemed! Neither Wrigley nor Laycock appear to have farmed their selections, which suggests that the properties were obtained in anticipation of a port being established in Wyeth Bay. Laycock purchased his selection in 1876 and transferred it to Laycock in 1884. Search of the file relating to Laycock’s selection at Tarwin River was more revealing. Continued next month….

Have you any unwanted items for the "garage sale"? Contact Don Mather on 5674 3289 Helpers are wanted on the day of the sale.

Donations of goods for the Christmas hamper are needed and may be given to Kath Bendle or Elaine Stott – or taken to the meeting.

Dates for the Diary:

3 & 10 January 2000 (Mondays) at 9.00 am} Walks to be conducted to Churches and to Cemetery.

7 & 14 January 2000 (Fridays) at 9.00 am }

8 January 2000 (Saturday) at 8.00 am Garage Sale at 35 The Esplanade Inverloch

26 January (Wednesday) morning Australia Day celebration

3.00 – 5.00 pm. Inverloch Historical Society Meeting

8 February (Tuesday) Inverloch Proclamation Day (1886)

9.00 am Raising the flag, unveiling plaque

12 noon Picnic at the old sea wall

5.00 – 6.00 pm. Inaugural biennial lecture by John Murphy

Library – To borrow books, contact Nancye on 5674 2796 or Ken on 5674 2581.


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