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1998 Newsletters
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1998 Newsletters

IHS Newsletters were distributed for the following months during 1998; February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and NovemberAlso during 1998, a dedication to the Old Sea Wall was made by the Rev Michael H Ellemor.

February 1998

Allan will speak on the history of fire services in Inverloch.

Last month Frank Eeles spoke on his earliest memories of the Wonthaggi State Coal Mine. Many of the names used in mining came from the Welsh mining influence i.e. "plat", "Skiffe", "plod". The coal seams were 3 to 4 feet 6 inches thick and in places narrowed to 18 inches. In 1937, at Number 20 Shaft, methane gas ignited and killed 18 miners - this was Wonthaggi’s worst mining disaster. Diesel fuel and natural gas spelt the end of mining at Wonthaggi which had operated from 1909 to 1968. Some of the Inverloch mine workers Frank mentioned were: Horrocks, Dicker, Sneddon, Harrison, Wangman and Hazeldean. Pay for 88 hours was 1.11.6 and 2/6 was deducted from all wages for the hospital fund. This covered free hospitalisation, medical care, pharmacy and dental treatment.

A welcome was extended to new member, Joanna Lansdale.

Time Capsule costs were offset by the Bass Coast Shire Grant, sponsors and donations.

Thanks to all who worked and contributed to these activities.

The Time Capsule: A letter had been received from Her Majesty, the Queen, and some other items have come to hand since it was buried and these, together with how it was interred and instructions and an authority for its exhumation, will be safely retained until the year 2035.

Parks Victoria has granted $9850 to us, jointly with the Residents and Ratepayers Association and the South Gippsland Conservation Society, to produce a book "Detailing the cultural and natural history of Inverloch and Surrounds" as an educational and tourist resource.

Recent acquisitions to the "Anderson Inlet Collection":

Local newspapers from the Library ( E Henderson)

Pine Lodge documents from Woorayl Historical Society (John Murphy)

Photographs - Joyce Hadden, Islay Goad, Margaret Rixon, Phillip Jones and Mary Ward.

Video tape by Cassie Deacon of the Time Capsule Ceremony.

Book - "Mr. Bass’s Western Port" by Valda Cole donated by Ailsa Davey.

Artefacts - books, beach spade (more beach items are required).

February Dates from the Past



Was known as "Red Tuesday" - fires engulfed 2590 square kilometres from Western Port to Mirboo North and from the Gippsland Railway line to the coast.



Anderson Inlet in the Parish of Kirrak was first proclaimed by Governor Loch



First racecourse at Inverloch - east of Cuttriss Street and south of Tarwin Lower Road. Inverloch Turf Club held a race meeting with 500-600 people attending.


Railway from Melbourne to Wonthaggi opened.


March 1998

This month members and friends are invited to bring BADGES to display and reminisce, e.g. organisations, social groups, cars, occupations, schools, churches, sporting clubs, etc.

At our meeting last month, Captain Allan Miles, Inverloch Fire Brigade, spoke on the history of the Brigade. In 1946, it consisted of a hand pump and two hoses, towed by private trucks and parked at the houses of brigade members. Later it was parked at Clive Newton’s garage (1947 - 1953) in a shed. In 1959, a public meeting raised 820 to provide the first truck. The first Captain was Ron Kirk. In 1953, members erected a Nissen hut (now on a farm at Pound Creek and used as an aviary). The siren operated from the Telephone Exchange "20" - members did not know where the fire was unless the operator held the caller until one of the brigade came on the line. Communications have vastly improved. The present system automatically activates groups of beepers and the siren. Vehicles are constantly upgraded and the service is still provided by a dedicated group of volunteers. Inverloch has one of the best equipped brigades with equipment valued at $550,000, including a 3000 litre four-wheel drive water tanker. We also heard of humorous episodes experienced over the years.

Vi Cummings is leaving Inverloch after 38 years to live at Paynesville. We wish her well and hope she will call on us when visiting Inverloch.

A welcome was extended to new members, Maureen and Allan Peck and Joyce Pope.

Genealogy: Ken Howsam, our Registrar, indicated that reference and help is available to those seeking to follow up their family history. The history of Inverloch includes the story of people who have lived here. We need to publish the story of our families. It is our responsibility because what we know will be lost with our passing - you will find new relatives, make new friends and enter a generous world. Ken has found a distant cousin in Santa Cruz, California and Betty, his wife, found one in Loch!! Publications do not have to be long, perhaps 3 or 4 pages, just long enough to encapsulate your knowledge. It doesn’t have to be as dry as dust, a mixture of fact and myth makes an interesting recipe. The Society can help anyone who wants to publish and has available the Births, Deaths and Marriages for Victoria from 1838 to 1920. Norm Deacon has experience with printing via photocopying which is quite inexpensive. If you would like information from the Index or on publishing your story please contact Ken Howsam (5774 2581) or Norm Deacon (5674 1717).

Recent acquisitions to the "Anderson Inlet Collection":

Series of photographs from Wonthaggi Mine Collection from Jill Harrop

Photographs from Lola Bailey

Books (2) on George Bass from South Eastern Historical Association.


April 1998

At last month’s meeting, the topic was "Badges" and Ken Howsam spoke briefly on the origin of badges as identifying the men at arms of nobles and gentlemen entitled to "bear arms". In the case of modern institutions awarded a coat of arms, members often wore a part of the coat of badges. They represented touring, angling, motor cars, engines, schools, churches, occupations, the Royal Show, Masonic Lodges, Bird Observers, fund-raising and institutions. We thank all who contributed to make the afternoon so enjoyable. A series of photographs on the George Bass re-enactment was displayed.

A welcome was extended to new members and friends: Noelle and Bill Green and Clare McRae.

Inverloch Parks Grant Committee: Norm Deacon, our Project Officer, reported that the three organisations involved had met on 23rd March 1998 to initiate this Project and form the Committee. Tasks were allocated and subjects to be included in the book discussed. Office bearers:- Coordinator: John Cuttriss, Deputy Chair: Nancye Durham, Secretary: Norm Deacon, Treasurer: Betty Howsam.

An advertisement will be placed seeking public input.

Research - Reconstitution of Anderson Inlet Cemetery Records: We have received advice of two burials not included in the published list. Please advise us if you have relatives buried there! We now have information that Professor Halford is buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery and not in the Anderson Inlet Cemetery.

The Index of Births, Deaths and Marriages for Victoria - 1832 to 1920: Analysis of the above indices is being undertaken to identify families living in Inverloch circa 1900. Search for details concerning ancestors will be undertaken on request to the Registrar, Ken Howsam on telephone 5774 2581.

Information: A visitor from Scotland requested information regarding Scots involvement in the discovery of Gippsland. Reference given to Angus McMillan who came from the Isle of Skye and correspondence is continuing as most relevant books are out of print.

Books: Our library is being compiled. Two recent books were donated on George Bass. Logistics prevent the books being displayed but a list will be prepared and distributed to members to facilitate borrowing.

April Dates from the Past



"Duke of Wellington", a wooden barque of 387 tons, built in 1840, wrecked on Tarwin Beach.



Tarwin Lower & Pound Creek joined the Bush Nursing Scheme & Nurse Sprott arrived.



Inverloch School commenced new building in Bayview Avenue.



Meeting held on beach above the Snags at Inverloch to discuss forming an Angling Club.

The Society has received newspapers and minutes from organisations. They are filed in plastic cartons in the Registrar’s garage. Help is needed to list the contents of these boxes - can you help?


May 1998

Ruth and Bill will speak on their childhood days in Inverloch.

At last month’s meeting, Doug Boston from the Korumburra Historical Society, spoke on "The Grey Fergie". Doug’s family has been in business in Korumburra since 1893, when his grandfather opened a coach building and blacksmith’s business which later developed into a garage. In 1950, they obtained the agency for Ferguson tractors. Henry (Harry) Ferguson started work with his brother in a mechanical workshop. In 1908, he was involved with building planes and motor cars. With the need for greater food production during World War I, he took on the agency for the "Overtime" tractors. He and his partner became adept ploughmen. In the 1920’s he continued to improve his system in UK and in the 1930’s joined with Henry Ford in USA, and by 1946 their production was 306,000 Ford-Ferguson tractors. Ferguson returned to UK. The grey Fergies were made by the Standard Motor Company and used a Vanguard motor - this model was used all over the world and the production rate was 300 per day. Doug’s father said that tractors would not work on the South Gippsland hills but in a few years 450 had been sold. It was estimated that there was one on every farm in Gippsland. In 1957, the Massey-Ferguson Company was formed and the grey Fergie was superseded. One member recalled that they sold their car to buy a tractor and pulled a caravan from Mt Beauty to Wonthaggi with it. It took two days at an average speed of 17 mph!!

The Koo Wee Rup Historical Society have invited us to a film night on 23rd May at 6.30 pm.

Meetings are being sought with Bass Coast Shire Council regarding the Inverloch Heritage Centre and the beach wall.

LIBRARY: Our book list has been compiled and will be issued to members shortly.

Doug Boston indicated that the Korumburra Historical Society is to reprint "The Land of the Lyrebird". It will probably be available in July or August.

Recent Acquisitions to the Anderson Inlet Collection: Several items have been received from

Hazel Hayes and Pine Lodge stationery from Jenny Paterson.

May Dates from the Past



Rev P J McCormack, Pastor of South Gippsland Mission celebrated Sunday Mass for residents of Anderson Inlet district



Dedication of the Church of the Ascension at Inverloch.



Woorayl Shire proclaimed, covering 240 square miles


The original timber building of the Esplanade Hotel was destroyed by fire. The present structure was built by Alfred Frongerud.


Inverloch Community Services Centre, a facility of the Wonthaggi & District Hospital was opened to bring hospital services to Inverloch


June 1998

This month members and friends are invited to bring a childhood photograph of themselves. (You may even find one taken here at Inverloch.)

At our meeting last month, Ruth Glare (nee Chambers) and Bill Grieve spoke. Bill’s story started in England, and covered their arrival in Wonthaggi and their great friendship with the Chamber’s family. Bill recalled when Bayview Avenue finished at William Street and there were just tracks through the bush and down to the pier. From No 6 Grandview Grove camp they carried water in a kero tin from the well in Hopetoun Street. When the house was built there was no road - later when the area was surveyed and road made, the house had been built 6 inches from the footpath - it is still there! Ruth spoke of Mrs. Agnes Chambers and her commitment to the community and the Union Women’s Auxiliary over many years. The Agnes Chambers Maternity Wing of the Wonthaggi Hospital perpetuates her memory. Ruth recalled her school days in Wonthaggi and the holidays at Inverloch. They caught Taffy Thomas’ bus or the one from Warragul and headed for No 10 Grandview Grove. Fiftynine New Year’s Eves and fiftyeight Christmases have been spent there as well as picnics - the family has been there every year since 1925. Ruth recalled the dirt track which ran past Jessie and Lloyd Beard’s house through banksia trees and over the retaining wall. They swam at the beach and at Pine Lodge. They knew the store keepers - the Assopardis, Johnstons, Ramseys, Hitchins and went to Briggs Carnival. One man lived on a boat on the foreshore. Who was he? Answer - Ernie Gault. Ruth concluded by reading a poem prepared by Jo Chambers in 1949.

PROJECT OFFICER’S REPORT: Norm Deacon was unable to attend the last meeting, held on 18 May 1998. It was decided to re-advertise for persons interested in preparing this book. This was included in The Sentinel Times of 25 May 1998.

INVERLOCH COAST ACTION GROUP: Ruth Tipping reported that this Group comprises accredited representatives from selected bodies. Anyone can attend the meetings but only the accredited representative may vote on issues. The aim of the group is the betterment of the foreshore and environs, working with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the Bass Coast Shire Council. Nancye Durham agreed to represent the Society.

3LO: Eulalie Brewster was interviewed on 20 May 1998 by Terry Laidlaw concerning the search for treasure at Townsend Bluff. A proposal to drill in this area has since been refused by the Council.

DISPLAY CABINET: Approval has been given to erect our cabinet in the Arcade in Inverloch and our thanks go to the Company involved in granting us wall space. Look for our displays!!

ANNUAL MEETING: This will be held in July. Members should give consideration to nominating candidates for election as Office-bearers and Committee Members.

June Dates from the Past



Samuel Anderson wrote to His Honor C J LaTrobe sending a brief account of his journey with Mr. Thom, east of Western Port, which included the (Anderson) Inlet and (Tarwin) River



Inverloch School Inspector W F Bates recommended changing the school site from a’Beckett Street to Bayview Avenue.



Arnold Soderman was hanged at Pentridge for the murder of Belshaw and three others.



Inverloch Community Centre was opened.



New Inverloch Fire Station - valued at $350,000 - was opened.


July 1998

Jenny, the Arts & Leisure Co-ordinator for the Bass Coast Shire will speak at our second Annual General Meeting.

At last month’s meeting, members brought childhood photographs and spoke of their recollections of those days. Iris Earnshaw read two selections from "No Parallel" written by John Murphy, depicting childhood in early pioneering days. In presenting her photograph, Hazel Hayes also exhibited the pink frock she had worn; it was made and smocked by her mother. Iris concluded this segment by reading four extracts from the book "100 years of Education in Inverloch", in which Bill Alford, Glenda Murray (Howard), Rob Spokes and Olive Wilson (Ledwidge) had written of an amusing event of their childhood in Inverloch.

The historic beach wall on the eastern foreshore was visited by Paul Smith (BCS Council) and he was favourably impressed when told of our plans. He asked that a submission be sent to him outlining our objectives, plan and requirements for this area. This has been done.

The display cabinet in the Arcade has been installed and is currently showing "Carnival in Inverloch" with bathing beauties of yesteryear and our town in carnival mode. Watch for our next topic.

A video afternoon was held on 17.6.98. We saw the building of "Pine Lodge" (1929-30), glimpses of our town, the last coal train from Wonthaggi to Nyora and a recent interview with Drew Ginn.

"Anderson Inlet - Inverloch" book has now sold over 270 copies and has certainly boosted our finances. We thank Robin and Ian Pearce, Inverloch Newsagency, for their generous support in making this so successful.

RECENT ACQUISITIONS TO THE ANDERSON INLET COLLECTION: A Shire of Woorayl sign from Norm Deacon, Infant Welfare Board from Margaret Ryan, photographs of Nelson’s shop from Lois Swift and an early model radio/player/TV unit from Flo and Clive Newton.

SECOND ANNUAL MEETING: Nominations for office-bearers and Committee are now being received. The Annual Report and Balance Sheet will be presented at this meeting - do come and hear of our progress. Afternoon tea will be served. (Ladies - a plate would assist us.)

We note, with regret, the death of our friend and colleague, Joe Chambers, who had been associated with Inverloch for the past 75 years. He was actively concerned with the establishment of this Society. We extend heartfelt sympathy to Lyn and his family.

Library & Resource Lists will be issued at the next meeting. We hope you will make use of the books and reference material we have been gathering. What about someone preparing an item for our Newsletter - it would help the Editor.


Wednesday, 25th November 1998

We have confirmed the booking and it will be held in the Inverloch Angling Hall. Details will be given later, but book the date.


August 1998

This month our speaker will be Mr. John Dicker who will speak on his family and early years in Inverloch.

Last month, the 2nd Annual General Meeting was held. Betty Howsam, Treasurer, presented the audited Statement of Receipts and Expenditure for the year ended 30th June 1998.

Thanks were extended to the retiring office-bearers and all who had assisted throughout the year.

Office-bearers for 1998-99 are:

President - Ken Howsam, Vice-President - Ruth Tipping, Secretary - Norm Deacon, Treasurer - Betty Howsam Committee - K Bendle, B Crawley, N. Durham, D Mather

Jenny Churchill, Arts & Leisure Co-ordinator, Bass Coast Shire Council, spoke on her work and its extensive coverage throughout the Shire. We celebrated our 2nd birthday with afternoon tea and a birthday cake, cut by Flo and Clive Newton.

At our recent Committee Meeting, Ken indicated the new Committee would be task-orientated. Members accepted responsibility for many aspects of the work. Members! We plan to hold a Garage Sale on Saturday, 9th January 1999. We are looking for somewhere to hold it - can you help??

We were saddened by the passing of our friend and colleague, Joe Chambers after a long illness. Joe and Lyn Chambers have contributed much to recording the history of Wonthaggi, Harmer’s Haven and Inverloch. The Chambers family have owned a property at 10 Grandview Grove, Inverloch for 75 years and their Christmas-New Year family reunion is an annual institution. Ruth Glare, Joe’s niece, recently spoke of this at our meeting.

Inverloch’s pedestrian precinct should be finished next month. The Inverloch Memorial Clock Tower Committee is ready to go. We support the project in principle and look forward to seeing the Council’s final plans on public display and be able to offer any suggestions.

The display cabinet in the Arcade has attracted great interest as last month it showed the jetty, 1903 through to 1998 and is now showing ... well, you should check and see for yourself!!!

Ken Howsam, Registrar, has been researching Professor Halford for whom Halford Street was named. Professor Halford established the Medical School of Melbourne University and retired to live at No 5 Halford Street in the 1890’s and died there in 1910. It was not known if he was buried in the Anderson Inlet (Inverloch) Cemetery. Recently we learned that Riv Halford, a grandson of the Professor, was living in Wonthaggi and he has supplied much information concerning the Halford family. Professor Halford was buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery. We note that another grandson, George Radcliff Halford died on 28th July 1998.

Last meeting, Ken exhibited the manuscript copy of his family history, which is being prepared for publication, as an example of what can be done with the resources available in Inverloch. Anyone requiring help in preparing the history of their family may contact Ken Howsam or Norm Deacon.

September Dates from the Past



Halford Brothers applied for land at Kongwak and fully inspected it before the Land Board Meeting.



Snow fell at Outtrim covering Mt Misery.


CWA Group Conference held at Inverloch.


Tom Evans had signed petition of 200 people to reopen the Inverloch Cemetery.


September 1998

This month Mrs. Trish Parsons will speak on the history of the Inverloch Branch of the Australian Red Cross.

At last month’s meeting, Mr. John Dicker spoke on his family and being one in a family of eleven children growing up in Inverloch. We heard of schooldays and events covering billycart races, banana-eating competitions and the Union picnics. John’s sister was at the beach with others in January 1940, when they found wreckage from

Mr. Frongerud’s boat. Mr. and Mrs. Frongerud owned the Esplanade Hotel and they and their two children lost their lives. John told of the shock the news had on the school children and the town.

Minutes of our August meeting will be tabled for perusal at the next meeting.

Dates for your Dairy

28.10.98 - Inverloch Historical Society meeting.

26.11.98 (Wednesday) - Safeway Promotion at Inverloch Angling Clubrooms, at 12 noon. Tickets will be available at $5 each. This is our break-up meeting. Before concluding we will hold a short meeting.

12.98 - There is no meeting in December. Two raffles will be held. Members are asked to donate goodies for a hamper. Goods may be given to E Stott and K Bendle.

9.1.99 - Garage Sale!! Thank you to several members for offering venues. Please start collecting goods for sale. Contact Don Mather on 5674 3289, if storage is required.

27.1.99 - Inverloch Historical Society meeting.

Historic walks will be held on Mondays and Fridays. Plans are also in hand for an Open Day, a Display and book publications.

There’s a very interesting display in the Arcade this month!! Have you seen it yet? You must before the next meeting.

The brochure attached to this Newsletter offers books for sale - PERILOUS VOYAGES TO THE NEW LAND, THE ROARING DAYS and THE HUMAN FACE OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION by Michael Cannon. They are ideal Christmas gifts. We will take members’ orders and money at the 30% discount rate. Contact Norm.

"Register of Inverloch & District Residents 1880 to 1925" is being compiled by Ken Howsam. Information for this listing is being obtained from Post   Office directories, Council Rate Lists, Telephone Directories and the Births, Deaths and Marriages Indices. If you have any such directories or information, please contact Ken.

Bass Coast Shire Council has now issued a Foreshore Works permit to carry out works known as the "Inverloch Sea Wall Enhancement Project - the historic sea wall on the eastern foreshore. We will liaise with Ross Martin (Ranger) and our working party to implement this project.

Mrs. J Howard, Wheelers Hill, wrote asking that the following be included in our "Anderson Inlet - Inverloch" publication: HIGH STREET No 25 - According to the Certificate of Title, Samuel LeMaitre, farmer of Kardella South, purchased the land and presumably built the existing house in 1938. This house is one of the originals built in the area. It stayed in the possession of this family until 1978 and is now in the hands of only its third owner since being built. The original title shows Pier Road as Government Road.

An RSL Social is to be held on 17 October 1998 from 6 .00 pm to 9.45 pm in the RSL Hall. The cost is $6. A group from IHS is attending - would you like to join them? See Norm

October Dates from the Past



Thomas McCrorie was first interment in Outtrim Cemetery. Some 220 burials took place there. The last burial was of James Stewart on 15.4.1946. Cemetery is now a Flora & Fauna Reserve.



James Knapton Powell died. He was associated with saddlery business of Robert and James Powell, est 1893 in Inverloch.


October 1998

Mrs Carole Murray from "Three Sisters Antiques", will be our speaker this month. Carole will show some interesting items she has collected from our district.

Last month, Trish parsons and Audrey Aquaro spoke on the Red Cross - the international vista and the Inverloch Branch.

A very enthusiastic group of members began work at the eastern sea wall on 30 September 1998 - the first stage of developing this project. Ross Martin, Department of Natural Resources and Environment joined us and we were all pleased with the result of our efforts. Work is progressing!

Have you seen our display in the Arcade this month?? It features aerial photographs, comparing Inverloch 1970 with 1998.

Korumburra Historical Society has reprinted "The Land of the Lyrebird" and will hold a book launch on 13 November 1998 at 7.00 pm at Coal Creek Historical Village.

We recently received a letter from Janet Bradshaw (nee Beilby) daughter of Amy Wyeth and grand-daughter of James Wyeth Senior. Janet lived with her grandmother at "The Castle" after her mother died in 1932 and nursed Mrs. Wyeth during the last few months of her life in 1948. Mr. and Mrs. Wyeth immigrated from London with two small children in 1884. Mr. Wyeth was a professional violinist and played with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra but this was not a very profitable occupation. Mrs. Wyeth opened a factory in Flinders Lane making costumes which proved very successful and supported her growing family. She purchased "The Castle" as a holiday house in the 1890s and it remained an obsession with her for the rest of her life. Four of their six children predeceased them. George was killed in France during WW1, whilst Fred was seriously wounded, leaving him almost totally deaf. Fred was the Wyeth of Nathan & Wyeth, Wine and Spirits Merchants. He was a frequent visitor to Inverloch and after "The Castle" was destroyed by fire in 1947, he built a house adjacent to the site. The youngest son, Calvert, in 1930 built "Pine Lodge Private Hotel". "The Castle" was built by Samuel Laycock, first Postmaster at Anderson Inlet in 1883, and was situated opposite Kathryn Close. Janet also enclosed a photograph of a lad in grease-stained shorts taken in 1938 .. our President in his younger days at Inverloch!

Tickets for the Safeway Promotion at the Angling Club Hall, on Wednesday, 25 November 1998, from 12.00 to 2.00 pm, are available from Norm Deacon. Cost is $5.00. Following this, from 3.00 to 3.30 pm, we will enjoy a Christmas breakup. Remember, there is no December meeting.

Christmas Hamper Raffle - goods are required and may be given to Kath or Elaine.

Garage Sale - let Don know if you have goods to donate.

November Dates from the Past



Kongwak neighbours built a bridge over the Powlett River in about 2 days



Name of Outtrim occurred in application for registration of the Outtrim Coal Mining Company


Inverloch Gun Club was formed.



First load of Wonthaggi coal arrived at Inverloch


Floods devastated the district and caused isolation.



Inverloch Bowling Club opened.


November 1998

A "Safeway Promotion" from 12.00 to 2.00 pm will replace our normal meeting this month. Tickets $5 are available from Ruth Tipping 5674 3319 or Norm Deacon 5674 1717. All welcome. Following this we will enjoy a Christmas breakup. Remember there is NO December meeting; the next will be in January 1999.

At our last meeting, Mrs. Carole Murray, from "Three Sisters Antiques", was our guest speaker. She brought with her some collectors pieces from our district and further afield. Included were a convertible chair and a number of items belonging to Sam and Myrtle Nelson’s Tarax Bar. You are welcome to call at Carole’s place, 5 kms on the Leongatha Road (11 am to 5 pm. Thursday to Monday).

We are currently raffling a crocheted rug 50c ticket or 3 for $1.

Tickets for our Christmas hamper are also on sale; it will be drawn in December.

January 1999 dates to remember:

Mondays, 4 and 11 and Fridays, 8 and 15 January, 9 to 10.30 am - conducted Inverloch historic walks will leave from outside the Community Centre. Cost is $2.

Saturday, 9 January, 9 am to 2 pm, our garage sale will be held at 35 The Esplanade. We need donations of goods to sell. Let Don Mather 5674 3289 know if you need them to be collected.

Wednesday, 27 January, 3 to 5 pm. Inverloch Historical Society meeting - visitors are very welcome.

We have completed our work at the eastern foreshore sea wall (near Grandview Grove) and Ross Martin, Department of National Resources and Environment, has the next stage in hand with some spraying and grading to be done. Thanks to those who helped with the initial work it required - job well done!!!

Did you camp on Inverloch’s foreshore in the 1950’s? We recently received a silver cup donated by Rosina Taylor and its inscription reads "Inverloch 1950 Benham’s Trophy for least expensive but most comfortable camp". It was awarded to Robert and Muriel McKenzie by the Inverloch Foreshore Committee at the New Year Beach Carnival. If you have any recollections of these activities we would like to hear of them.

Members of the Drowley family - Bill, Lorraine (Laura), Norma and Ray - met in Inverloch recently and we were able to record their memories of family and the years they lived here.

Kongwak Public Hall and the Primary School recently held centenary celebrations including the launch of a supplement to the district’s earlier book in 1983, "Kongwak - The Valley of Peace 1883 - 1983". Some of our members were present.

Did you know that banking in Inverloch dates back to the 1890’s? Check the display on banking in the Arcade this month.

December Dates from the Past



Outtrim Racing Club gazetted



Government Gazette notice "10 acres in Parish of Kongwak reserved as a cemetery at Outtrim



Inverloch Cemetery’s first interment: Isabella McLeod



"Amazon", a wooden barque 370 tonnes stranded 1.6 kms south west of Anderson Inlet



John Simpson of Hurdy Gurdy Station drowned crossing the Tarwin River on horseback



"Olivia Davis", a wooden barque 533 tonnes grounded off Cape Paterson




18 December 1998

Rev Michael H Ellemor

Loving and eternal God, Lord of all that is, we thank you for those who have belonged to the story of this Old Sea Wall. We thank you for people such as Alan Toy, Councillor Jack Stiff, Bill Cuttriss, George Carter and his family, Bill and Bob Young. We thank you for those who built this and the other walls to preserve the inlet coastline, and those countless people who have gained enjoyment and profit from its existence.

We thank you for the loyal members of the Inverloch Historical Society and their enthusiastic helpers who have seen fit to preserve for posterity this vital evidence of Inverloch’s history.

And we now dedicate to your glory the Old Sea Wall and its story, the workers who built it, and the Inverloch Community and tourists who come here, so that the significance of the wall will not be lost in the sands of obscurity, but will, instead, add to the richness of this place where so many people live and relax.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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