Hamilton History Centre Inc.

Resources for Australian Genealogy

The Centre has available Birth, Death and Marriage records for all Australian states; comprehensive Victorian Shipping Records to 1879; records for district Cemeteries; Victorian electoral rolls; Victorian prisoner's indexes; the Naturalisation index for Victoria and South Australia to 1903; Victorian Post Office directories; Victorian Crown Grants index; various other indexes relating to juvenile prisoners, State wards, insolvency, place names, Victorian divorce, publicans, hospitals, shipping to New South Wales and Western Australia, Victorian probate and the Argus births are also held.

Most of the above genealogy records are on microfiche, but some Births, Deaths and Marriages are also on CD ROM.

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Resources for Overseas Genealogy

I.G.I. Microfiche for United Kingdom, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, North America, Sweden, Central and Southern Europe, India and New Zealand.

1881 British Census and the British Isles Vital Records Index on CD-ROM.

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Resources for Local Genealogy

Individual files on many local families have been compiled as the result of research requests received over the years. We now have over 1000 files, many of which contain newspaper articles and photographs of the family/individual concerned. A portrait index of our photograph collection has also been completed to assist researchers. Many of these photographs have been scanned and put onto CD.

A collection of histories published by local families has been gathered, as well as a comprehensive collection of information concerning the history of district homesteads and pastoral properties. Information concerning businesses and trades which have existed in Hamilton since the 1850's are on files and computer.

Many of the local churches have allowed their Baptismal and Marriage registers to be copied, and these are available to family researchers. Local Phone Books (from 1930), Births, Deaths and Marriages published in the local paper (The Hamilton Spectator, and Hamilton Spectator Almanacs from 1874 to current day are available,

Since 1853, there have been a significant number of German families and their descendants living in the Hamilton district. One of our members has specialised in the research of these families and now has records pertaining to over 300. These are available for research on request.

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Resources for Local History

Our library contains many books relating to local history; such as Shire histories and records, Soldier settlement histories, War Records, Memorials, Property histories and other memorabilia relating to Institutions such as local Schools, Churches, the Hospital, hotels and sporting clubs. Any published history concerning local towns or organisations are added to our Library as they are produced.

There is also an extensive collection of Parish, Shire and sundry maps, and five cabinets filled with files containing information on topics relating to the history of Hamilton and surrounding Towns.

Various records are available on microfilm:
The Hamilton Spectator 1859-1957
The Portland Guardian 1842-1862
Rate books for the Shires of Mount Rouse, Dundas, Wannon, Minhamite & Portland
and Rate books for the City of Hamilton
The Headstones of many local Cemeteries have been photographed and are on CD

Various records have been digitised:
The Hamilton Spectator 1860-1879
City of Hamilton Rate Books 1866-1971
Shire of Dundas Rates 1877-1959

Many historical photographs have been gathered and are presented in indexed folders for easy perusal. These can be copied by arrangement with the staff on duty, a fee to copy applies

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Other Services Provided

Research assistants, experienced in both genealogy and local history, will attend to requests for information. Specified members have access to the original copies of the Hamilton Spectator, housed at the paper's archives, so we are able to research for specific enquiries in these papers which are otherwise not accessible to the general public - research of the papers will only be undertaken if a date or month can be provided.

A microfiche and microfilm copying service is available.

Guided tours of Hamilton's main streets, the General Cemetery and the South Hamilton (Lutheran) Cemetery, have been prepared for groups interested and several 'self-drive' tours, which include a map and a brief historical or significance explanation of each of the sights visited on the tour.

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Research: on behalf of enquirer: $10.00 per hour
Use of the History Centre's resources with little or no help: $5.00 per hour
Photographs:   Prices on application
Use of the Computer: $5.00 per hour
Photocopying: 25c per sheet A4
                        30c per sheet A3
Microfolm copy: $1 per sheet

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Publications for Sale at The Centre or by Mail Order

Hamilton - A Western District History by Don Garden $25.00
Courage, Patience and Persistence by Betty Huf - 150 years of German settlement in Western District $40.00
Dundas Shire Centenary 1863-1963 $15.00
Shire of Dundas History 1963-1994 $20.00
Mariposa by Anita Macdonald $20.00
Monivae by Ian Black $8.00
Early Byaduk Settlers by Ian Black $8.00
A Short History of Wallacedale by H.B. Wheeler $8.00
Outline of Branxholme District History $5.00
150 Years of Gray St Primary School No 295 Hamilton by Margaret Gardner $22.50
The Potato Village-Mount Eccles by Bev Ross $20.00
The Streets of Hamilton (2nd Edition) by John McKay $30.00
The Mibus Family in Australia by Edna Nagorcka $10.00
A History of Spring Creek Common School & Breakaway Creek State School by Graeme Wallis $15.00
A Series of "Exploring Hamilton" in Eight Volumes (Mini Histories) $8.00/volume
A Series of "Exploring Hamilton" - A Series of Three Drive Books $8.00/volume
A History Of Hamilton and Surrounding District Reprinted from Hamilton Spectator Almanac 1876 $10.00

Postage and packaging extra

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Research Service

The Hamilton History Centre provides a research service using the resources of the Centre.
When requesting information, please provide as much detail as possible and be precise.
Please include postal address if making research requests by e-mail

Requests for research should be addressed to:

Research Officer
Hamilton History Centre
Box 816
Hamilton, Vic., 3300

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