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readers page

if you have a favourite place in australia send us some high quality photos and describe the place in 200 to 300 words and we will put them on this site for all to enjoy

have a look at this magnificent tree


hunting for the kelly gang Barak bottom right

barak bottom right










junction of the goulburn and murray rivers 1896  






big red



Included in the feature events of the Commonwealth Athletic Club's meeting on
March 6 and 8 will be an Australian aboriginals' gift of 130 yards.

The club has provided £200 for distribution among aboriginal athletes.
Mr W. Onus (president of the- Australian Aboriginals* League) visited
Bendigo today and made final arrangements with the officials of the Commonwealth Athletic Club for the
gift. He said that it was a magnificent gesture to the Australian aboriginals,
and showed that the Bendigo club held the opiinon that the native
was no "back number.' ' He felt that much good would result
to the betterment of the Australain aboriginal.!
Many Australian aboriginals had done well in sport, and they included
such runners as Lynch Cooper, Doug Nichols, and E. C.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956), Tuesday 11 March 1902, page 5

National Library of Australia

The Anthropological Society in Svdney have

made application to Mr William Baxter

 of  waaia for the skeletal remains of two

aborigines discovered by him on his farm
some few weeks ago The society attach much

value to these relics of the native
tribes, which presumably belong to those
ol the Goulburn River, as they were discovered

within a few miles of that stream

The old races are amost extinct in these
parts and at the Cummerijiniga Mission
Station, on the Murray river, near Barmah

althougn there are between 200 und 300
natives and half castes, there is now only
one of the old Barmah tribe left in the
district Mr Baxter has consented to hand over

the skeletons of the Waaia aborigines
to the Sydney association.


paddle steamer murrumbidgee at echuca wharf 1940

rare picture of uncle william cooper

uncle eddie atkinson (pastor)


Heritage Lost by Roger Ross Bush Poet


You carried them off tribal lands with you

Oh won’t you ever understand?

You carried out torn, broken hearts as well

With part of your winning hand


And a mother’s sore breasts, they ache all night - for she can still hear her baby cry.

Although you’ve carried the babies away;

for many a distant mile;


A father cups his shoulders in pain

 Yet another tribal baby lost in vain.

You will face a schooling teacher;

but only the white mans way


They will never learn their heritage by listening to what their elders say

Or help their mother find bush tucker as she gleans it every day


The pristine creek and billabong they will never sleep beside

And the stars they knew as babies are not in city reside


And a mother’s sore breast - they ache all night for she can still hear her baby cries.   


Roger Ross bush poet



the goulburn river

scar tree 1940's


The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848-1954), Friday 30 April 1954, page 9
National Library of Australia

New deal for river dwellers

Shepparton, Thursday
A River Bankers "New Deal" Committee has
been formed to improve conditions for aborigines living on the banks of the Goulburn
River between Shepparton and Mooroopna. Thc committee will try to obtain a site for a kindergarten
and ablution block for the natives. At present they live in tin shanties, and the river is
their only source of water, which they have to carry to their camp sites. Pastor Doug Nicholls,
former Fitzroy footballer, is interested in the proposal, and he will attempt to raise funds for the scheme.
Mr. E. N. Downe, headmaster of Shepparton High School, is chairman of the committee, which includes
local city and shire councillors, church ministers and a Public Works Department officer.

the goulburn river at mooroopna in the sixties

same place 50 yrs later

old man goanna checking it out