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 we would welcome any stories about indigenous culture

Galaxy Dreaming : Star Totem

the waaring story

In the evening our dreaming appears above us

the clouds of dust is the drifting smoke

and the twinkling stars are the fires of the old people that have gone before us

and when my time comes there may be a place by the fire for me



simon wonga headman of the wurundjeri 1880s.


Wonga was also one of the first Indigenous leaders to try and regain the land settlers had taken. In 1859, Wonga took a small group of Taungurong men from the Goulburn River to see William Thomas, acting as their interpreter and mediator. In a letter to Redmond Barry, Thomas quotes Wonga:

I bring my friends, the Goulburn Blacks, they want a block of land in their country where they may sit down plant corn potatoes etc etc, and work like white man.

– Simon Wonga


william barak became the headman after simon wonga

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848-1954), Friday 13 June 1890, page 7
National Library of Australia
The aboriginals at Coranderrk: yesterday had a feast in honour of the marnage of King Barak, who arrived with his now Queen from Sale the previous evening The aboriginal station was decorated for the
occasion, a triumphal arch handsomely decorated with ferns and flowers, and on which was emblazoned the vvords ' Welcome home our King," being erected over the principal entrance. Mr Shaw, the superintendant,
 invited a number of residents of Healesville to Coranderrk for the afternoon, all of whom brought, presents of various descriptions to the Queen, which were presented to her in her comfortable castle'cottage Many useful articles, varying from an ordinary tin bucket to a silver cruet stand, were also presented to the aboriginals on the station.  A sumptuous feast of tea, cakes, and buns, of which all, both black and white, partook, was laid out in the large room adjoining the superintendent's quarters,after which Mr Shaw proposed the health
ot King Barak and the Queen. Barak!.,who speaks english well, in responding, disclaimed the title of King, and said he did because all his people were dead, and he alone was left out the Yarra tribe.

During the evening the blacks held a corroboree, and all made merry by singing and dancing for several
hours Mrs Bon, who is well known for her constant and kindly interest in theblacks,sent a nice wedding cake tor the occasion.



Wurundjeri balluk Anne Borate was the sister of William Barak  Their mother was Tootorie and father Bebejan.jpg

maria - simon wonga's woman


testgoulburn/userfiles/David Gulpilil in 1982.jpg


 melbourne museum


waterfall longwood 1874

Waterfall, Longwood 1874




scar tree on the boosy creek

 scar tree on the boosey creek


/testgoulburn/userfiles/Cobb's Mail Coach, 1938.jpg

Cobb's Mail Coach


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