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    Members' Surname Interests:

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    Surname Particulars
    WALFORD 1500's Stogursey, SOM, ENG
    WALKER c1817 William Henry, Croyden, SRY, ENG
    WALKER 1900's LAN ENG, ENG
    WALSH 1880+ Nathalia & Echuca, VIC, AUS
    WALTER 1800's Bradworthy DEV, ENG
    WALTER 1860's Hamilton VIC, AUS
    WALTERS 1500's Clifford, HER, ENG
    WARBY Post 1840's, Taminick, VIC, AUS
    WARD Early 1800's-1903, LND, ENG
    WARE pre 1844 STS, ENG
    WARNE Tooberac & Greytown VIC, AUS
    WARNE pre 1853 Wadenbridge CON ENG
    WARNE 1853+ Castlemaine VIC AUS
    WARRICK Mapledurham, OXF, ENG
    WARRICK Tilehurst, BRK, ENG
    WATERMAN Pre 1840, Gravesend, KENT, ENG
    WATERMAN Early 1800, Suffolk, ENG
    WATSON c 1780 Lichfield, STS, ENG
    WATT pre 1870 Lochlee ANS, SCT
    WEBSTER c1818 Bristol, ENG
    WEBSTER 1856+ Burra SA, AUS
    WELLS Pre 1850 SFK, ENG
    WELLS 1860+ Bacchus Marsh VIC, AUS
    WESLEY 1831 DEV, ENG
    WESLEY c1854 Ballarat, Clunes, VIC, AUS
    WETHERELL 1810 Aycliffe DUR, ENG
    WEYMOUTH From 1715, DEV, ENG
    WHEATLEY George Spinks. 1835 Westow, ENG
    WHELAN early 1800's Waterford, IRE
    WHILEY Pre 1600 Clifford, HEF, ENG
    WILD 1800's Rochdale, LAN, ENG
    WILDE 1870's Moyston, VIC, AUS
    WILLIAMS Bere Ferrers, DEV, ENG
    WILLIAMS c1700-1900 Llanllyfin, CAE, WLS
    WILLIAMS Hendry Isador 1850's Melbourne VIC AUS
    WILLIAMS c1900+ Lakes Entrance, VIC, AUS
    WILLIAMS 1880-1890 Pyramid Hll, VIC, AUS
    WILLIAMS pre 1850 Bristol SOM/GLS, ENG
    WILLIAMSON pre 1854 CON, ENG
    WILLS Sarah (convict) TAS, AUS
    WILSON pre 1900 Bristol SOM/GLS, ENG
    WINSTANLEY Early 1840's Liverpool, LAN, ENG
    WILSON Jas + Jane, c1839 MLN, SCT
    WILSON Geo, c1839 Emerald Hill, Vic, AUS
    WILSON E, mid 1800's to mid 1900's, Vic, AUS
    WILSON H, early 1800's to late 1800's, Vic, AUS
    WINTER 1500's Stogumber & 1600's Stogursey, SOM, ENG
    WINTERTON 1850-1930 CAM, ENG
    WITCH 1600's Bicknoller, SOM, ENG
    WITHERS 1815+ ENG
    WITHERS 1850+ Chiltern, VIC, AUS
    WITT early 1800's CAM, ENG
    WOFF pre 1853 WES ENG
    WOFF 1853+ Cheltenham VIC, AUS
    WOOD(H)ALL c1798 Thomas m Mary RIVER, Woodbridge, SFK, ENG
    WOOD(H)ALL 1899+ Carshalton, Surry, ENG
    WOOD / WOODS ENG / Western Dist, VIC, AUS
    WOODS 1850's & 1860's Geelong Dist, VIC, AUS
    WOOLCOCK Pre 1800 St Just, CON, ENG
    WRIGHT 1800 Theddingworth, LEI, ENG
    WRIGHT 1860's Hamilton VIC, AUS

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