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Connections sought - 1 - Mrs Beryl Gregson (1046)

FRYER, Montague, b c1828 (in America according to the census).
Apparently Montague FRYER married Mary Rachel Maria .....?..... They had a daughter Ann Violet FRYER, b 11 Nov 1860. Montague FRYER was widowed sometime after that date.
Montague was an artist when at age 35 he married Emma FOSTER, a dressmaker, at The Register Office, Eccles New Road, Salford, County of Lancaster, on the 15th of Apr 1863. Their address was then 104 St. Stephen St, Salford.

Witnesses at this marriage were Henry Cranshaw FOSTER (brother of Emma) and Joseph DICKSON.
According to the 1871 census, Montague and Emma had 3 sons and a daughter - Montague, aged 6, Bruno, 4, Herbert,2 and Gertrude 2 months. My great grandmother was Emma Elizabeth, b 1872. On the family grapevine it is said there were more children born to this couple, including twins.

I have no information on any of the children with the exception of Emma Elizabeth.

Connections sought - 2 - Mrs Beryl Gregson (1046)

MASON, George married on the 9th July 1851 to Mary Ann SKERRETT at St Pancras Parish Church, St Pancras, Middlesex. George and Mary were living in London at the time of their marriage.
George c 10 Oct 1824, son of William and Elizabeth MASON, occupation Hatter.
Mary Ann, daughter of William SKERRET, occupation Painter.

Known issue -
1. Eliza Rosa MASON, c 5 Dec 1851 at St Pancras Church. Rosa must have died in infancy.
2. William Montague MASON b 4 May 1853, family residing at 154 James Place, St Pancras. Birth registration in the sub district of St Giles in the Fields, County of Middlesex.
3. Eliza Jane MASON, c 1 Aug 1860.

Waterman Family - Beryl Gregson (1046)

William WATERMAN, labourer, of Gravesend Parish.

William arrived on the sailing ship "Pestonjee Bomanjee" at Holdfast Bay, Adelaide, South Australia on the 12th of October, 1838 and married Elizabeth Ann WEYMOUTH on 7th September 1840 in Adelaide. They lived for a time at Hindmarsh, South Australia, having 6 surviving children. Elizabeth Ann, 1841 - 1917, William Henry 1846 - 1902, Carey 1848 - 1935, Jane Adeline 1850 - , Emma 1851 - , and James Jesse 1853 - 1862.

In 1853/54 William and Elizabeth WATERMAN and their family travelled overland for 6 weeks by bullock wagon to Wedderburn, in Victoria's gold fields. There were 3 more children born to this couple - George Thomas 1857 - 1858, Frederick Thomas 1859 - 1926 and George 16th Feb 1861 - 1863. William WATERMAN left his wife and family in Wedderburn a few weeks after the last child was born and travelled to Maryborough, Victoria. Apparently Wedderburn had become so notorious for it's lawlessness and turbulence that the more respectable diggers left the area.

We can only guess that if he "struck it rich" he would send for his family to join him, but fate stepped in and he was admitted to the Maryborough Hospital on the 6th of April 1861 and died at the age of 44 on the 18th May 1861.


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