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Family Names- Anne Luscombe (1019)

David PATERSON married Elizabeth Chapman COUTTS on the 26th June, 1908, in the Uniting Free Church, Lanarkshire, Scotland. In 1912 they left family and friends in Scotland and together with their three year old son David Caldwell Neil PATERSON, set sail for Australia settling in Northcote, Victoria. They had three children in Australia, Agnes Russell Coutts PATERSON (named after her Maternal Grandmother) and twins Allan William and George James PATERSON.

Davids' parents - DAVID and Elizabeth (nee McCULLOUCH) had 8 children:
Allan b. 1874, Rebecca b. 1876, Jean/Jane b. 1879, Elizabeth b. 1881, David b. 1885, Jessie b. 1889, William b. 1890 and John b. 1892. A11 children were born in Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Jane/Jean married John Leiper, a Dentist, one of the other girls married (??) Watson either in Canada or they moved to Canada, where they had two boys Royal Watson and Hugh Watson (who was actor Everitt Sloan) and sisters or maybe daughters Betty and Hope Watson.

I have written many letters to Scotland and Canada to addresses found in an old address book belonging to Agnes (Nessy) LUSCOMBE nee PATERSON but all have been returned, not known or deceased.

Do you know or are you decended from any of these families? I would love to hear from you!


Peter and Jane LAMB (nee BURTON) and baby daughter Elizabeth arrived in Melbourne in 1876 from Scotland on board the "Loch Ness". Elizabeth celebrated first birthday on the ship and was given birthday presents of coins from the passengers. Sadly Elizabeth's prize coin collection was sold when the family fell on hard times.

Peter and Jane LAMB had 8 children born in Victoria: Peter b. 1885, Alice Dale b.1887 married Thomas KELLY 1913, Margaret (Maggie) b. 1889 married William GILHOME 1916, Jane Isabella b.1892 died 1894, Eileen (Nellie) b. 1894 died 1895, John Robert (Bert) b. 1890 married Carrie Gouge 1921, Martin Burton (Mart) b. 1895 -Married Jenny (??), Florence Marian b. 1898 married Alfred Johnson 1921.

Are you descended from any of these families? l would love to hear from you!


Alfred and Mary Ann RUSS, together with children MaryAnn, Thomas, and Elizabeth arrived in NSW at "Telavera" in 1853. Elizabeth RUSS married John SMITH, a stock keeper, and a lot older than Elizabeth, who probably put her age up. I know that at the birth of her second child she says she is 6 years older than she really was. John & Elizabeth SMITH had 4 living children, Rebecca, Charlotte, Elizabeth & William John (Known as John) all born in Ballan, Victoria. John SMITH died in 1868 age 50 vears, leaving 4 children aged from 8 years to a few months old.

Elizabeth SMITH (RUSS) married William LUSCOMBE, a carrier, in 1869 in Ballarat. They had 8 children. Elizabeth LUSCOMBE (SMITH) nee RUSS died in Northcote in 1900 aged 58 years.

Whatever happened to Mary Ann and Thomas RUSS and their parents Alfred and Mary Ann?


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