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Pope Family - Dianne Marsh (1013)

My great grandfather Henry Burton POPE was born on the 18th Dec. 1856 in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia, the youngest of 5 children to David Daniel POPE and Jane COOK.

On the 19th July 1877 at age 20, Henry married a young 18yr old Rosa Annie BELLAMY, and low and behold 3 months later along comes Henry David jnr. ( The old family bible stated the marriage was a year earlier, but I have found out differently.) I've also wondered if Henry snr. knew about the baby boy Rosa had when she was 16 yrs old, that died soon after birth. It seems great grandma was a wild one! Next after Henry jnr there was Rosa Jane b. 1879, Oscar Edward b. 1881, Nellie Ethel b. 1884, Bertha Hannah b. 1886, Eva May b. 1889, and my grandfather Charles William b. 1892. Henry snr died in 1932 and his estate could not be settled until Nellie died. The story goes that when Nellie was 3 yrs old she contracted meningitis, it affected her brain so she mentally stayed 3 yrs old until her death at the great age of 98 yrs in 1981. Her sister Bertha died the year later in 1982.

I am now trying to find the decendents of all the children, especially Oscar Edward POPE who married Lucy HAMMET in 1902 in Carlton, Victoria, Australia. Their children were Charlie Oscar, b 1902, Harry Phillip b. 1904, Rosa Lucia b. 1920, William Julian b. 1921, Alfred David b. 1924 and Keith Leslie b. 1929.

I am also looking for the descendants of Rosa Jane POPE who married Harold LLOYD in 1911 in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. Their children were Elsie Louisa, b. 1912, Harold Edward George b. 1915, and Albert Arthur b. 1921.

I would really love to hear from any descendants or folks that know of their whereabouts!

Williams Family - Dianne Marsh (1013)

William Charles WILLIAMS.
Born 1852, Llanllyfini, Nth Wales.
Died 4th May 1899, Cunninghame.

My Great grandfather Captain William Charles WILLIAMS was an interesting character whose life was cut short by an unfortunate accident. William's life, like a lot of other mariners, was a lonely one without the family and it seems that a lot of them were fond of the odd glass or two.

Perhaps it was the extra glass or two that caused Captain William to lose his footing and slip on the bow, banging his head on the anchor as he fell. He had been in the pub until 1 am, although the deponents say 1 pm.

William was the captain of the "Evion", a small maize carrier trading between Orbost and Cunninghame. He was to have slept on board his boat Thursday evening, and it wasn't until Friday that the alarm was raised that he was missing. A search was instituted and when he couldn't be found , it was feared he had met with a mishap in attempting to board his vessel and drowned. He was not found until the 11th of May 1899. The inquest confirmed that he had hit his head when he fell, and drowned.

Some years previously, he was Captain of the schooner "Glengarry" and later the "PS Lady of the Lake". He was also the licencee of the Ferbank Hotel. In November 1884 a petition was sent stating the need for a building for the 35 children that could be at the Entrance at that time. William agreed to provide the building which could be used for Sunday services and entertainments. The school, No. 2672 was opened by George ROBINSON on the 29th May 1885, sited next to the Ferbank Hotel.


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