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Cumming Family - Shirley Durrant (1002)

Are there any descendants of William CUMMING and Elizabeth McKINDLAY?

On the 20 November 1840, William CUMMING was married to Elizabeth McKINDLAY by Rev James FORBES in Melbourne, Victoria.

Just two months later, on the 13 February 1841, the first of their 5 children, Robert, was born. The following December he was baptised at St James Church, Melbourne.

In 1843, Andrew was born; followed by William, 1845; John McIntyre, 1849c; and Elizabeth Andrew in October 1852. Andrew had died in August 1852 at the age of 9, and Elizabeth died in January 1854, when she was just 15 months old. John was 37, and single, when he died in 1887. This only left Robert and William.

It would seem that there may have been some rift in the family. When William (snr) died in March 1886, he was living alone in Collingwood. In his will, written in 1868, William's possessions were to be divided between his 3 surviving sons, Robert (a farmer), William (a cab driver) and John (an apprentice blacksmith). In the will, no mention was made of, or provision made for William's wife, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was living with two of her neices in Richmond, when she died in 1891.

Robert died a batchelor, in Melbourne on the 25 April 1920. When his will was written in 1915, Robert stated that he had not heard of his brother William for 7 years, and he did not know if he was dead or alive. He did know the names, the marital status and the current place of abode, of his 16 living cousins, who were scattered from Melbourne to Queensland.

So far, in my research through marriage and death records, I have not found a trace of William, so I have not been able to solve the riddle. - was William CUMMING alive in 1915?

William (snr), Elizabeth and Robert were buried together at the Melbourne General cemetery with memorials to Andrew, Elizabeth, Andrew and John McIntyre recorded on the headstone. No mention is made of William (jnr) who may or may not have married and fathered descendants of William and Elizabeth CUMMING.

McKindlay Family - Shirley Durrant (1002)

In 1928, six members of the McKINDLAY family went "home" to Scotland with a group known as the "Scottish Delegation". The McKINDLAYs were my grandparents, two of grandfather's brothers, a sister-in law and a niece. They all had been born in Victoria, but often refered to Scotland as "Home" or the "Old country".

I believe the tour, which as quite extensive, was organised by Scots Church in Melbourne. They toured England and Scotland, part of Europe and returned home across Canada. At a number of places they visited, they were given a civic reception.Grandfather kept a diary throughout the trip, which makes fascinating reading. After one civic reception he wrote, "I did not hear a word that was said, but clapped when the others did". How well I can relate to that !

During their visit to Glasgow, they called on the KEMP family. My great grandmother's cousin, Mary GILFILLAN, bom in about 1840, married William KEMPand their daughter Agnes was living at 60 Abbey Drive, Glasgow, at the time. I suspect that Agnes did not marry, but I do not know anything about any of her siblings. I think were Meg, Robert Gilfillan, William and John. Mary GILFILLAN had at least one brother, Robert Zullle GILFILLAN bom in 1843. He was a Minister.

Robert married Agnes Brodie SMITH and they had 4 children -
Robert McKellar, bom 1875, Brodie Smith, bom 1877, (also a Minister), George Zuille, bom 1879 and Mary, bom 1882.

Unfortunately, over the years, the family has lost contact. I would be most interested in contacting any descendants of any of the GILFILLAN or KEMP family.


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