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    Members' Surname Interests:

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    Surname Particulars
    RAE Late 1870ís LND, ENG
    RAE Early 1800's Bamawm, VIC, AUS
    RADFORD mid 1800ís OXF, ENG
    RALPH pre 1800 Kent, ENG
    RAMSAY c1700-1900 Burntisland FIF, SCT
    RAMSAY pre 1830 Crail FIF, SCT
    RAMSDEN Clifton Hill, VIC, AUS
    RANDALL Pre 1766 Harty, Isle of Sheppey, KEN, ENG
    RANDALL Bef. 1850, DOR, ENG
    RANDALL Aft. 1850 SA, VIC, AUS
    RANDLE Bef. 1850, DOR, ENG
    RANDLE Aft. 1850 SA, VIC, AUS
    REDE 1700's Leman, Inner Temple, LDN, SCT
    REDE 1700+ Thos, Beccles, SFK, ENG
    REDPATH Pre 1850's Greenwich, KEN, ENG
    REDPATH 1850's+ Avoca, VIC, AUS
    REEVE 1700's SFK, ENG
    REEVE(S) 1700's SFK, ENG
    REYNOLD early 1800's CLA, IRE
    REYNOLD(S) early 1800's CLA, IRE
    REYNOLDS M; early 1800's WAR ENG to late 1800's VIC, AUS
    REYNOLDS b. 1843 IRE
    RICE c1833 Cork, Co Cork, IRL
    RICE 1856 Blacklead, Derwent Jacks, Scarsdale, VIC, AUS
    RICHARDS Pre 1850 Wendron, CONl, ENG
    RIDLEY 1700's NBL, ENG
    ROSE pre 1856 Mayfield SSX, ENG
    ROSE 1856+ Cheltenham VIC, AUS
    ROWELL 1700's NBL, ENG
    ROACH Pre 1812 Pembroke, SOUTH WALES
    ROACH Wilcannia/ Broken Hill, NSW, AUS
    ROBERSON early 1800's CAM, ENG
    RODWELL All Gippsland, VIC & NSW AUS
    ROLF pre 1800 Kent, ENG
    ROSEWELL 1700's Shepperton, MDX, ENG
    ROSEWELL Bisham & Tilehurst, BRK, ENG
    ROSS 1800 Rye, VIC, AUS
    ROSS M.; late 1800's to mod 1900's VIC, AUS
    ROSS A.; mid 1800's to mid 1900's VIC, AUS
    ROSS A.; late 1700's to late 1800's SCT
    ROSS J.; late 1700's to mid 1800's SCT
    ROWE 1780-1860 CON, ENG
    RUDD M; early 1800's ENG to late 1800's VIC, AUS
    RULE 1870's Bendigo VIC, AUS
    RUSS pre 1853 Somerset, ENG
    RUSSELL 1838+ Samule, Barrabool Hills, VIC, AUS
    RUSSELL Pre 1840 John, Ballylinny, ANT, IRL
    RYAN 1840+ Anastasia, Aglish, TIP, IRL
    RYAN Moyne, TIP,IRL
    RYAN 1850's AUS

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