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    Members' Surname Interests:

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    Surname Particulars
    HAINES Early 1800 WIL, ENG
    HALEY Early 1800 MDX, ENG
    HANCORN(E) Pre 1800 Whitney, HEF, ENG
    HANCORN(E) 1700+ Stoke & Hoo, KENT, ENG
    HAND 1870 Moama NSW, AUS
    HANNAFORD pre 1844 Harberton DEV, ENG
    HANSON pre 1840 WAR, ENG
    HARDING 1900's VIV, AUS
    HARPER pre 1841 Bere Alston, DEV, ENG & St Austell, CON, ENG
    HARPER 1847 - 1877 Goldfields areas, SA & VIC, AUS
    HARPER 1841 - 1847 New Plymouth & Aukland, TARANAKI (NI), NZ
    HARPER Pre 1941 Dargaville, (NI) NZ
    HARRIS 1800 WIC, IRL
    HARRISON 1823+, Robert, Oatlands, TAS, AUS
    HARRISON 1840-1850 Manchester, ENG
    HARRISON pre 1900, ESS, ENG
    HARROWVEN A.; mid 1800's NFK, ENG to early 1900's VIC, AUS
    HARROWVEN C.; late 1800's to early 1900's VIC, AUS
    HARVEY Pre 1850 St Just in Penwith, CON, ENG
    HARVEY 1850's+ Avoca, VIC, AUS
    HASTIE Charles & Arthur 1900 + AUS
    HATTWELL 1860 Geelong & Wharparilla, AUS
    HAWKEN pre 1854 CON, ENG
    HAWKEN 1850'S - 1870'S Port Elliot, SA, AUS
    HAWKEN 1870's+ Pyramid Hill & District, VIC, AUS
    HAWKINS cl8O4 Stogursey, SOM, ENG
    HAXTON 1800-1880's Levchars, FIF, SCT
    HAYES Samuel 1856 Bateford, 1879 VIC, NSW, AUS
    HAZEL Pre 1850 SRY, ENG
    HEAD 1700's Minster-in-Sheppey, KEN, ENG
    HEATON 1850's VIC, AUS
    HEATON 1850's LON, ENG
    HEHIR Kilmaley, Co. Clare, IRE
    HENDERSON Mid 1850ís VIC, AUS
    HENRY 1800's DRY, IRL
    HERITAGE Bicester, OXF, ENG
    HEWSON 1873-1888, LIM, IRE
    HICKS George & Edith. 1898+, VIC, AUS
    HICKS John & Hannah. 1850+ VIC, AUS
    HICKS 1600's CON, ENG
    HICKS 1850's AUS
    HICKS 1850's USA
    HICKS Moses. c1841 CON, ENG
    HICKS 1540+ St Minver CON ENG
    HIDER Pre 1860 TAS & VIC, AUS
    HIDER Pre 1790 Kent, ENG
    HIGGINS LIM IRL to Moama/Deniliquin NSW AUS late 1800
    HILLARD Shepton Beauchamp, SOM, ENG
    HINCHLIFFE Moama NSW AUS late 1800
    HISGROVE 1835+ ENG
    HISLOP 1800's Claycroft Buittle KKD SCT
    HOBSON Pre 1850 Yorkshire,ENG
    HOLGATE Hurley, Tilehurst, Bisham, BRK, ENG
    HOLLAND 1800 Boxted ESS, ENG
    HOLLAND 1880's Panmure Vic, AUS
    HOGG 1870+, Tonbridge, KEN, ENG
    HOOK Post 1823 West Farleigh, KEN, UK
    HOOK Post 1850 Melburne, VIC, AUS
    HORSBURGH pre 1854 Crail FIF, SCT
    HOUNSELL Pre 1879 Bromley, KENT, ENG
    HOWDEN 1700's, Magdaline, Athelstaneford, ELN, SCT
    HOWE 1800+ London, ENG;
    HOWE 1815+ Minster-in-Sheppey, KEN, ENG
    HOWE 1850-53 Melbourne, VIC, AUS
    HOWE 1852+ Bendigo, VIC, AUS
    HOWE 1876 - 1900 Haddon Downs, SA & QLD, AUS
    HOWE Pre 1900 Arrabury & St Alban's, QLD, AUS
    HOWE 1904-26 Bridgewater on Loddon, VIC, AUS
    HOWE 1926-54 Murgha & Nullam Stations via Deniliquin, NSW, AUS
    HOWE cl791 Welwyn, HRT, ENG
    HOWE Pre 1800 Hoo & Stoke, Kent ENG
    HOWE 1800+ Newington & Walworth, SRY, ENG
    HOWELL c1820, Liverpool, NSW, AUS
    HUBBARD Mid 1800's, LON, UK
    HUGHES c1700-1900 Llansantffraid, DEN, WLS
    HUGHES 1800's Llansantffraid Nth WLS
    HUGHES Abt 1800ís WLS
    HUGHES 1860+ Warrnambool VIC, AUS
    HULSE born 1836 Lankashire, LAN ENG
    HUNT S.; mid 1800's NFK, ENG to early 1900's VIC, AUS
    HUNTLEY 1800ís John & Anna LDN, ENG
    HUNTLEY Mid 1800ís John & Anna IND / Mauritius
    HUNTLEY 1850+ John & Anna Ballarat / Bendigo VIC, AUS
    HUSH 1842 + Rox SCT

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