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    Echuca, Moama and District Churches

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    Christ Church, Anglican Church, Echuca

    The following information is taken from the Conference Booklet of the Organ Historical Trust of Australia - Riverina Tour - 27 Sept. '03 to 1 Oct. '03. Prepared by John Maidment, chairman. Dr. Colin Moysey of Echuca, has regularly played the pipe organ at the Anglican Church, Echuca, over many years, and has kindly passed on this information.

    Mrs. C. Cannard

    Christ Church was designed by the prominent Bendigo architects Vahland & Getzschmann. The foundation stone was laid in 1864 and the first service in 1865. The transepts were begun in 1866 and the nave added in 1875. The building is constructed of brick with a slate roof. The small heavily buttressed Germanic apse contrasting with the higher gables of the nave and transepts is typical of Vahland's work in other places such as Dunolly and Rushworth. The building includes attractive stained glass windows and a carved wooden altar.

    The first organ at Christ Church, a single manual instrument of seven speaking stops, was built in 1873 by George Fincham and was installed in 1922 at St. Anselm's Anglican Church, Middle Park; it is now at St. Silas' Anglican Church, Albert Park.

    The structure of the present organ (case, chests, console, action and wind system) comes from the 1873 instrument built by George Fincham for St. Giles' Presbyterian Church (the High Church) in Geelong; this was possibly the first pipe organ in a Presbyterian Church in Victoria. A new organ by Frederick Taylor of Hawthorn was installed at Geelong c.1919 and the old organ was removed in that year to Echuca. Taylor retained at Geelong almost all of the Fincham pipework for his otherwise new organ, including the Great Stop'd Diapason. Dulciana. Principal, Flute, Fifteenth, Swell, Open Diapason, Stop'd Diapason, Gemshorn, Mixture II, Cornopean and Pedal Bourdon. For Christ Church, the only pipework that may have been used from the Fincham organ was the Great Open Diapason and the Twelfth (that is subject to confirmation); the contemporary accounts state that "the instrument for Christ Church has since had new piping" and probably substantially consists of secondhand material that Taylor had in storage except for the "Viol d'orchestra" which "will enable the organist to give a fine imitation of the violin, as fine an imitation as can be produced by an organ". The case consists of three flats separated by turned columns,the central flat contained within a heavily cusped gable arch. This cedar case is not typical of Fincham's work and it is likely that it was designed by Nathaniel Billing, the architect of the church in Geelong. The lateral facade pipes appear to have been replaced in 1919 in zinc and the pipe decorations overpainted. The opening recital was given on 3 September 1919 by Dr A.E. Floyd, whose programme included works by Bach, Handel, Sterndale, Bennet, Wesley, Dubois and Salome. Work has been carried out at various stages by Charles Lomas and in 1982 by George Fincham & Sons Pty. Ltd.

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