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    Members' Surname Interests:

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    Surname Particulars
    BALLANGALL 194202008 VIC, AUS
    BAKER 1800+ Middleton Cheney, NTH, ENG
    BALFOUR 1800's FIFE, SCT
    BALFOUR 1850+ Beechworth Victoria, AUS
    BANKS 1821 Hove, Brighton, SSX, ENG
    BANKS 19 c. Brough, WES, ENG / Salford, LAN, ENG
    BARKER 1880 - 1917 Echuca, VIC, AUS
    BARNES Mid 1800's, Annan, SCT
    BARNETT Early 1800's TAS, AUS
    BARRETT early 1800's Limerick, IRE
    BARRETT 1900-1940 CAM, ENG
    BARRETT 1870-1830 DEV, ENG
    BARNSTABLE All Middlezoy, Chedzoy &: Othery, SOM ENG
    BARNSTABLE pre 1878 NZ & Maryborough, QLD, AUS
    BARNSTABLE 1878+ Macorna, Kerang, Echuca, VIC AUS
    BARWOOD Henry, c1700-1850 London, ENG
    BARWOOD early 1700's Grimston, Norfolk, ENG
    BARWOOD c1900 Richmond, VIC, AUS
    BARWOOD Thomas, Late 1800ís WA, AUS
    BASSETT Mid 1800's Louisa TAS / WA / VIC, AUS
    BASKERVILLE c1100+ Erdisley, HEF, ENG
    BATES c1811 Catskill, Greene Co., NY, USA
    BATES Pre 1900 Bundalaguah, VIC, AUS
    BATES c1838-1841 NSW & VIC, AUS
    BATES c1841-1850 Melbourne, VIC, AUS
    BATT 1800 Oldbury-on-Severn DEV, ENG
    BAYLISS WOR ENG,to Wangarella, NSW AUS
    BEAZLEY pre 1852 OXF, ENG
    BEAZLEY 1852+ Cheltenham VIC, AUS
    BEER Pre 1800 Plymouth, DEV, ENG
    BEER pre 1850 CON, ENG
    BELL 1780's Berwickshire, SCT
    BELL 1820+ TAS, AUS
    BELL 1850+ Devon, ENG
    BELL 1900's IOW, ENG
    BELLAMY c1700-1800 Chislehurst KEN ENG
    BELLAMY 1800's Dixton Hereford KEN ENG
    BELLAMY c1900 Melbourne, VIC, AUS
    BELLAMY Humphry, Early 1800ís Dixton HRT, ENG
    BENNETT Early 1800's Tandrogee, ARM, IRE
    BENNINGTON 1830's New York, New York State, USA
    BENNINGTON 1860's Warrnambool VIC, AUS
    BENTLEY Ann 1858 Albury NSW, AUS
    BERGER pre 1850 GER / Prussia
    BERGER 1850+ Maryborough VIC, AUS
    BERNDT 1800 Gunterberg Ukermark, GER
    BERRY From 1809, TAS, AUS
    BETTS early 1800's NTT, ENG
    BIRD Pre 1900 Mulgoa, VIC, AUS
    BISHOP J.H.; early 1800's to early 1900's DEV ENG
    BISHOP F.J.W; late 1800's to mid 1900's VIC AUS
    BISHOP T.F.; mid 1800's to early 1900's
    BISSET Fife, SCT
    BLACK Fife, SCT
    BLACKMORE SMYTH 1800 Barnstaple DEV, ENG
    BLAKET "Sir John" of Iccombe, GLS, ENG (died 1431 in French War)
    BLAIR Cookstown, TYR, IRE
    BLAIR Post 1850 Melbourne, VIC, AUS
    BLOOMFIELD 1870's Durham ENG
    BLOTT 1500's Grendon, NTH, ENG
    BLOTT 1600's Barnwell All Saints, Wigsthorpe & Titchmarsh, NTH, ENG
    BLOTT 1700's Winwick, Nth & HUN, ENG
    BLOTT 1780+ Witton (Wyton), HUN, ENG
    BOAG c1800, Kilsyth, STI, SCT
    BOATRIGHT 1840's Thomas & Harriet, Chipping Barnett HRT, ENG
    BOATRIGHT 1900's William, Henry & Kate, Sydney/Melbourne, NSW/VIC, AUS
    BOLITHO 1700's Constantine & Wendron, CON, ENG
    BOLTZ Germany
    BOND c1880's DEV, ENG
    BOND Torquay DEV, ENG
    BOND William & Annie, d1940/50 Melbourne, VIC, AUS
    BOTT c1821 Upwell/Outwell, NFK, ENG
    BOTT c1824+ VIC, AUS
    BOTTOMLEY Pre 1850 Benjamin, YKS, ENG
    BOTTOMLEY Godfrey, Bullarook, Mysia, Boort, VIC, AUS
    BOWEN Mid 1800's MON, WLS
    BOWER 1832 Kirkaldy, SCT
    BOWER 1860+ NSW & VIC, AUS
    BOYLE c1845 Dungloe, DON, IRL
    BRAG 1820's Embleton CUL, ENG
    BRAID early 1870's Moama NSW to Deniliquin NSW AUS
    BRANDLING 17th & 18th C, NBL/DUR, ENG
    BRAY 1829 - 1847 CON, ENG
    BRENNAN Pre 1912 Middlesbrough, YKS, ENG
    BRENNAN Post 1912 Melbourne, VIC, AUS
    BREWER 1860's Panmure, VIC, AUS
    BRIDLE c1880's William, Devon ENG
    BROOMHEAD early-mid 1800s NTT, ENG
    BULLED early-mid 1800's DEV, ENG
    BUTT pre 1812 Silton DOR, ENG
    BROSNAN pre 1850 Killarglin IRL
    BROSNAN 1850+ Maryborough VIV, AUS
    BROWN 1716+, Margaret, Dumfries, DFS, SCT
    BROWN 1800 John, Burmingham WAR, ENG
    BROWN Pre 1853, LKS, SCT
    BROWN 1853+ Melbourne VIC, AUS
    BUCHANAN Late 1800's LDN, ENG
    BUCHANAN Kerry County, IRE
    BUCKINGHAM 1840+ Bacchus Marsh/Geelong, VIC, AUS
    BUCKNAL c1720's Hemington, NTH, ENG
    BULL pre 1855 KEN, ENG
    BULMER 1810 Darlington, DUR, ENG
    BULMER 1832 Brompton by Northallerton, YKS, ENG
    BULMER 1881 Sedgefield, DUR, ENG
    BULMER 1800 Smeaton YKS, ENG
    BURNS 19 c. Stockport, CHS, ENG / Salford, LAN, ENG
    BURNS 1836-1945 TYR, IRL
    BUSH 1814 GLS, ENG
    BUSH 1814 VIC, AUS
    BUTLER early 1800's Waterford, IRE
    BYE 1829 +, HAM, ENG

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