Past Speakers at Historical Society Meetings

Speakers to meetings of the Dromana and District Historical Society Inc. since August 1997 are as listed below.

July 2009 - Sue Webber, 'The W.H.C. of Dromana'

June 2009 - Cathy Gowdie, 'Foxey's Hangout - Vineyard'

May 2009 - Rob Rotherham, 'Trekking the Kokoda Trail'

April 2009 - Jeff Weir, 'Melbourne's dolphins and other bay treasures'

March 2009 - Cr. Graham Pittock, 'Family history and local government'

February 2009 - Lorraine Huddle, 'RSL Memorial clubrooms, Dromana'

November 2008 - Mark Ryan, 'Maritime archaeology'

October 2008 - Valda Cole, 'From the beauty of Greenwich to a garden state'

September 2008 - Peter Holloway, 'Art Deco properties on the Mornington Peninsula'

August 2008 - Simon Lloyd, 'New development and heritage on the Mornington Peninsula'

July 2008 - Richard Cotter, 'The Bunurong tribe of the Mornington Peninsula and surrounds'

June 2008 - Penny Carnaby, 'Infection control & SARS'

April 2008 - Weston Bate, 'Having fun with history'

March 2008 - Natasha Wicks, 'The Cape Schanck Lighthouse'

February 2008 - Peter Holloway, 'War commemoration in Dromana'

November 2007 - Valda Cole, 'The Hobson Christmas Party at Arthurs Seat circa 1800'

October 2007 - Dr Will Twycross, 'The history of the Burrell family at Arthurs Seat 1851-1925 and their place in Peninsula history'

September 2007 - Anne Levens, 'The Heritage Register'

August 2007 - Mrs Sally Robins, 'Report on survey of local history societies'

July 2007 - Mrs Margaret McLean, 'Mt Martha House & the 1956 Olympics'

June 2007 - Mrs Liz Dart, 'Life in a busy family'

May 2007 - Mr Edward O'Donohue, 'Being a member of Parliament & Local History'

March 2007 - Mrs Shirley Davies, 'The Menzies Home - Frankston'

October 2006 - Martin Dixon MLA, 'Parliament House - Victoria'

September 2006 - Mr Tim Desmond, 'The history of fire protection in Dromana and district'

August 2006 - Mr Vince Latham, 'Early days of quarrying in Dromana and the origins of the H. E. Ross Trust'

July 2006 - Lieut Commander Peter Day (Retired), 'HMAS Cerberus and George Bass'

June 2006 - Sgt Mick Romeril, 'The early history of policing in policing in Dromana and its surrounding districts'

May 2006 - Dale Hitchiner presented a DVD recording he made of the 8 April "A Dreamtime of Dromana " book launch.

March 2006 - Mr Peter Holloway, 'The Work of the National Trust on the Mornington Peninsula'

February 2006 - Ms Penny Blazey, 'The History of Heronswood'

November 2005 - Mr Brian Kewley, 'Early Wine Production on the Peninsula'

October 2005 - Mr David Barclay, 'The Development of Secondary Education in Dromana and Surrounding Areas'

August 2005 - Mr Les Liddell, 'The 1992 Centenary Celebrations of St. Mark's church, Dromana'

July 2005 - Ms Susan Edwards - 'Education in Banda Aceh after the Tsunami'

June 2005 - Mr Norman Lindsay, 'The Selwyn Fault and the 1932 Mornington Earthquake'

May 2005 - Ms Ros Peaty displayed a Cope which she had designed and embroidered. It was made for the celebration of the bicentenary of the first settlement.

April 2005 - Mr Steve Yorke, 'The Briars'

November 2004 - Mr Peter Holloway, 'The naming of Australia by Matthew Flinders'

September 2004 - Mrs Shirley Murley, 'I didn't know that Napoleon came to Australia!'

June 2004 - Mr Jim Enever, 'Gold Mining at Tubba-Rubba'

May 2004 - Mr Tim Horton, 'The Mornington Railway & The 150th Celebration of Passenger Rail Transport'

April 2004 - Mr Laurie Prossor, author - 'The History of Main Ridge Engineering'.

March 2004 - Mr Ralph Vale a former dairy farmer and 'bullocky' showed a video of some of his experiences.

November 2003 - Malcolm Gordon: author - 'Victoria's Mornington Peninsula'.

October 2003 Ann Lorkins: President of the Flinders and District Historical Society - 'Moving House and Renovating'.

September 2003 - Oral history - Frank Singleton on Dromana.

August 2003 - Various Members 'Show and Tell'.

July 2003 - Richard Cotter: author - 'The Collins Settlement.'

June 2003 - Speaker from the W.H.C., celebrating 100 years of coming to Dromana.

May 2003 - Visit to the Southern Peninsula Family History Society Inc. research room at Rosebud Community House Rosebud. No night meeting.

April 2003 - Professor Weston Bate - President of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria "Why I became a historian, and why local."

March 2003 - Outing to Melbourne - Federation Square.

February 2003 - Shirley Davies - President of the Hastings - Western Port Historical Society - The History of the Menzies Boys Home, Frankston.

October 2002 - Mr Anthony Knight - The Tallis property 'Beleura' at Mornington.

September 2002 - Mr Howard Bull - Family history and life experiences.

August 2002 - Ms Toni Munday - 'The History of the Flinders Cricket Club'.

July 2002 -Greg Hunt M.H.R. - Experiences as a member of parliament.

June 2002 - Mr Jack Ellis - Life Experiences.

May 2002 - 'Show and Tell.'

April 2002 - Mr David Hoare - The Western Port Oberon Association and the development of the Submarine Museum.

March 2002 - Arthur Lunt - The French Exploration of the coast of Australia 200 years ago.

February 2002 - Mr Bill Coventry - The Development of the Mornington Memorial Park.

November 2002 - Mrs Valda Cole - Introducing her book 'The Summer Survey': Log of the Lady Nelson 1801-1802 John Murray.

September 2001 - Mr Barrie Follows - The historical background and development of the defences at Nepean.

August 2001 - Mr Keith Hando - The Ticonderoga .

July 2001 - Mr Peter Wilson - The Early Explorers Burke and Wills.

June 2001 - Keith and Dianne White - Multimedia presentation on the early peninsula.

May 2001 - Winty Calder - The Jamieson's Special Survey and early Mt Martha.

April 2001 - Mr Des Williams - Ships and Wrecks.

March 2001 - Ms Sandy Pullman - Mr A.W. Bennett of Red Hill. A century ago, Mr Bennett, a graduate of Burnley College, grew fruit in Red Hill and exported to England.

February 2001 - Ms Anne Jacques - The Quarantine Station at Portsea.

December 2000 - Dr Will Twycross - The Burrell Family of the Arthurs Seat Homestead.

November 2000 - President Sandy Christie - Early life in Dromana.

October 2000 - Mr Hartley Robinson - The history of the original R.S.L. Hall.

September 2000 - Mr Brian Vaness Sawmilling and logging in the Powelltown area of Victoria.

August 2000 - Peter and Carol Bathie - Underwater photography in Port Phillip and Western Port Bays.

July 2000 - Ms Frances Thiele - State Library of Victoria support services.

June 2000 - Historical colour slides provided by members.

May 2000 - Mr Craig Solly - The Dromana Fire Brigade and T.R.A.G. 'Teenage Road Accident Group'.

April 2000 - Keith and Diane White - Scanning and cataloguing newspapers - a project of the Mornington Historical Society.

March 2000 - Mr Peter Brown - Heritage listing procedures - Mornington Peninsula.

February 2000 - Keith Holmes (Research using the Internet), Phyllis McMillan, and Ron Clydesdale (Growing up in Rosebud).

January 2000 - Oral history tape - Holidays in Rosebud in the 1900 - 1920 period.

November 1999 - Les Bright - 'Growing up in Red Hill'.

October 1999 - Mr Tom McCulloch - Developments at Safety Beach, Dromana.

September 1999 - Mr Jack Ellis - Experiences as a pilot.

August 1999 - Mr Ron Austin - Excursions to Gallipoli at ANZAC time.

July 1999 - Mr Julian Coles - The Foreshore Committee visions for the Dromana Foreshore.

June 1999 - Mr Steve Edmonds - The Chamber of Commerce visions for Dromana.

April 1999 - Ms Lorraine White - McCrae Cottage.

March 1999 - Mr Michael Doyle - Visit to Dromana in County Waterford, Ireland.

February 1999 - Mr Bill Eggert - 'Weather - Fads, Facts and Fiction'.

January 1999 - Mr Ian McMurtrie - Reminiscences of Dromana.

November 1998 - Mr Neil McAllister - Victorian Water Police.

October 1998 - Ms June Eyers - The history of the Melbourne Zoo.

September 1998 - Mr Martin Dixon M.P. - Items of local interest.

August 1998 - Ms Betty Jennings - Reminiscences of Dromana.

July 1998 - Ms Tess Clarke - Pioneering Italian families in Red Hill.

June 1998 - Forum on the Museum Accreditation Program.

May 1998 - Mr Les Liddell - a collection of slides by Mr Terry McGrath.
Subject: Southern Peninsula Slides from a Shire of Flinders Perspective.

April 1998 - Mr Steve Robin - Arthurs Seat.

March 1998 - Ms Carol Sweetman - The Relocation of the South Channel Light.

February 1998 - Ms Beverley Laurissen - Trip to South America.

December 1997 - Mr Jim Mannix - On his new book on activities of the Catholic Church entitled 'Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Dromana - A Short History'.

November 1997 - Ethel Bailey and Dora Brown - Early Experiences of Red Hill

October 1997 - Sarah and Richard Hudson - Lieut. John Murray Discovery Day at Arthurs Seat.

September 1997 - Mr Les Liddell - Early History of Telecommunications in Australia,

August 1997 - Mrs Elana - Hájek and her son Professor Alan Hájek. - The Arthurs Seat Chairlift