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Bittern - Red Hill Railway - 75 Years Commemoration

The railway opened on 2nd December 1921 and closed 1st July 1956.

In December 1996, a plaque was unveiled on the site of the Old Red Hill Railway Station to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the opening.

The schoolgirl who held one end of the ribbon at the opening ceremony 75 years ago (pictured below), returned to perform the unveiling.

Opening ceremony in 1921 and first train
Opening ceremony in 1921 and first train

The Bittern - Red Hill railway covered a distance of 9.91 miles (15.95Km), and contained some of the steepest gradients in the State of Victoria. The lowest point was 43 feet above sea level and the highest point 631 feet above sea level. The maximum gradient was 1 in 30. The gauge was 5 feet 3 inches which was standard in the State of Victoria. The final cost was 76,791 pounds.

The line contributed to local development. It took stockfeed and fertiliser into the area and apples, strawberries, stock, timber and firewood were transported out. However, the advent of motor transport led to the line becoming unprofitable and today the railway line is gone. The track is now popular with walkers and horse riders.