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Bittern - Red Hill Railway Arthurs Seat Chairlift Australia Remembers
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Dromana - Arthurs Seat Road Old Shire Offices Dromana Pioneer Pathway
Old Fire Station Red Hill Dromana School Boatshed Eastern Light, McCrae
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Arthurs Seat Chairlift
On 27 July 1997, a plaque was unveiled at the Arthurs Seat Chairlift (near the cafe at the lower access point) as a tribute to Dr. Vladimir Hájek (1914 - 1976) designer and builder of the Arthurs Seat Chairlift which opened on 22 December 1960. It is a leading tourist attraction providing spectacular views of Port Phillip Bay and surrounding features.

Bittern - Red Hill Railway
In December 1996, a plaque was unveiled on the site of the Red Hill Railway Station, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Bittern - Red Hill Railway on 2 December 1921.

Australia Remembers
On 12 July 1995, in a moving ceremony, a plaque was unveiled on Arthurs Seat in memory of eight members of the R.A.A.F. who lost their lives in two aircraft crashes which occurred on Arthurs Seat in 1938 and 1942.

Pioneer Pathway
On the East side of the Old Shire Offices in Nepean Road Dromana, the Society has created a Pioneer Pathway, commemorating those pioneer families who arrived in the district prior to 1875. Some 32 family names are shown.

Matthew Flinders
There are five historical markers in the Dromana - Arthurs Seat area commemorating Matthew Flinders. A memorial is located by the Historical Museum - see home page photograph. The bridge where LaTrobe Parade crosses over the Mornington Peninsula Freeway is named the Matthew Flinders Bridge. A Matthew Flinders memorial cairn is located high on the slopes of Arthurs Seat. A plaque on the Arthurs Seat lookout tower commemorates his work. A plaque on a boulder in the garden located near the tower on the summit of Arthurs Seat commemorates the bi-centenary of his birth.

Two more historical markers in the form of an imposing monument and an orientation table are located on Schnapper Point Mornington, 18Km NNE of Arthurs Seat. During his short time in Port Phillip Bay, Matthew Flinders travelled to Schnapper Point, then crossed the bay to explore the Western side.

On 1 May 1802 he climbed with three companions to the highest point in the You Yangs from which he surveyed the bay, and which point he named Station Peak. Subsequently, in 1912, this was renamed Flinders Peak and a plaque was placed on the summit to commemorate his ascent of the peak.

Statues of Matthew Flinders can be found in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Dromana - Arthurs Seat Road
On 14 December 1929 a new tourist road was officially opened from Dromana to the summit of Arthurs Seat. Five plaques were unveiled - at Bowen's Point (145m), Franklin Point (195m), Murray 's Lookout (247m), Chapman's Point (271m) and the summit (305m).

Arthurs Seat Tower
The first light established at McCrae was a timber framed structure. When in 1883 it was replaced by a steel framed structure, the original timber structure was removed in sections to the top of Arthurs Seat for use as a lookout. It remained until the present concrete tower was built in 1934-5. A plaque commemorating the Shire Engineer and designer of the present tower is located on the North wall of the tower.

La Trobe Reserve
La Trobe Reserve lies between La Trobe Parade and Point Nepean Road Dromana with the Easterly extremity at Foote Street. It was created in memory of Charles Joseph La Trobe the first Lt. Governor of Victoria. The monument is located at the East end in the vicinity of a place known as Dromana Springs, a source of water. Historical photographs show a horse trough beside Point Nepean Road at this point. At the western end of La Trobe Reserve a pathway which follows the foreshore edge of the park climbs to La Trobe Parade. There are two plaques - one on a seat at a viewpoint and another commemorating the opening of the path on a boulder at the top.

Old Shire Offices Dromana
The Flinders Shire Office located at 359A Nepean Road Dromana, was formally opened on 29 February 1928 and for approximately 50 years was the administrative centre of the Shire of Flinders. The original council table and chairs are on display in the Historical Museum which at present occupies part of the building. When the new council chambers were built in Boneo Road, Rosebud, the building remained unused for a time until it was renovated in 1989, and it is now used to house the Historical Museum of the Dromana and District Historical Society Inc., the Nepean Workshop of Arts and Crafts Inc. and the U3A. It is also used by other groups as a meeting place. A plaque commemorating the restoration was unveiled on 11 March 1989 by the Shire President.

Old Fire Station Red Hill
The Old Red Hill fire station was located on the main road Red Hill South near Blue Moon. Only the foundations of the original structure now exist. A plaque commemorates the occasion of the opening.

Dromana School Boatshed
A boatshed was provided by parents in 1929 for use of students of the Dromana School No 184. Details of the plaque are shown.

Eastern Shore Light, McCrae. (Melways Ref. 158K10)
For over 100 years the Eastern Shore Light, McCrae, also known as the McCrae Lighthouse, has guided mariners in Port Phillip Bay. It was decommissioned in 1994, and in 1998 it was extensively renovated and a noticeboard providing historical details was erected. This replaced an earlier board which provided similar details and technical information. The text on both boards is shown.

John Murray
On 9 March 1802 Acting Lieutenant John Murray Commander H.M.S. Lady Nelson took possession of Port King later named Port Phillip. A plaque commemorates the occasion. A plaque at the Historical Museum of the Dromana and District Historical Society commemorates the entry of John Murray and William Bowen into the bay and also the naming of Arthurs Seat.

Dromana Foreshore
A recreation area with several plaques is situated on the Dromana foreshore near the pier. A Year of the Volunteer plaque is situated near the SW corner. This area is known as the George A. Bishop Reserve. A drinking fountain has been presented by the Rotary Club.

Rosebud Hospital
On 2 December 2003 a plaque was unveiled at the Mornington Peninsula Hospital Rosebud, commemorating the generosity of David Cairns who bequeathed his home 'Eleanora' and nine acres of land to the Alfred Hospital. In due course the Rosebud hospital was built on the site. 'Eleanora' is a substantial building of local limestone still standing on Point Nepean Road. The plaque is located at the entrance.

Dromana Buildings
An early plaque in Dromana is that on the Dromana Hotel at the eastern end of the town. On the corner of Pier Street and Gibson Street is a boulder with plaquescommemorating Chapman's Forge which was situated there 100 years ago. In 2002 a plaque was unveiled commemorating the Jetty Store which stood by the corner of Pier Street and Point Nepean Road. It is located on the wall of the National Bank facing Point Nepean Road. On 5 August 2003 two plaques were unveiled at the Dromana shopping centre commemorating the guest houses 'Milparinka' and 'Belmont' which once stood there. These are located on the pillars at the carpark entrance facing Point Nepean Road.