Hastings-Western Port Historical Society Inc.
The Cottage Garden

The Pioneers' Cottage Garden is part of the Museum complex at Hastings. The charming cottage built c1900 sits in a picturesque garden, and is lovingly maintained by our members. The garden is ever-changing so every visit is different.

The entry is through the Museum, Cnr Marine Parade & Skinner Street, Hastings, but the garden can be viewed from the footpath of Skinner Street.

Features of the garden are:

Fairy Garden - on the north side of the Cottage, there is always one white/cream flowering plants or bulbs blooming. As this garden is a favourite of the children, we have prevailed upon some "fairies" and their pets to make this their home. Come and see our new resident fairies standing guard over their garden. There are small fairies hidden amongst the flowers. Come and count how many fairies you can find. There are many white flowers blooming in this garden and the jonquil bulbs are coming up fast. Count the different white flowering plants in this garden.

Remembrance Garden of Peace - This lovely, perfumed garden is made up of Flower Carpet Roses of deep pink, apple blossom pink and white. It was formulated by the Society in 1995 to celebrate 50 years of peace since World War II. A garden seat under the archway of the breath-takingly beautiful Cottage Pink climbing rose completes the feature. Visitors can pause awhile and reflect for as long as they wish.

The Back Garden - This garden is ever-changing. Amongst the features in the present display are old-fashioned flowers, including hellebores, violets, jonquils, iris and other fascinating plants including a lucerne tree and camellias.There is a birdbath in this garden, which the birds love to use.

Rose Garden of Harry's House (Herring St Hastings).
A feature of this garden is the planting of 40 standard roses. These perfumed yellow "Friesia" roses are very free flowering and make a welcoming sight for visitors. There is one yellow rose for each year of the existence of the Society. In the garden of Harry's House there are also two apple trees and a peach tree representing the area's past importance of fruit growing.