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    Our latest publication is a CD ROM
    Index to Colonial Convict Movements 1827 to 1853

This index concerns convict movements in the Colony of New South Wales (encompassing what is now New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria) of nearly 10,000 convicts.
These records involve, for the time period, both Transported Convicts (those who were transported from England or English territories or colonies) as well as Colonial Convictions.
Colonial convictions were of persons who were born in the colony and committed an offence, came free and later committed an offence, as well as convicts who had served their sentences and re-offended, and convicts still serving their time who absconded or committed some other offence. The index of the films listed below is not of the complete list of all recorded movements of that time period - other sources are being indexed by State Records of New South Wales.

Index entries comprise convict's name or alias, the date of the movement, and the place from which the convict was moved. Each index entry points to further details. These details repeat the content of the index entry and comprise:

Surname as well as Alias where recorded
Given Name
The ship of 1st arrival to Australia
The ship of 2nd transportation, within Australia
Where transferred from
Where transferred to
Reel number (from State Records of New South Wales film)
Location number (of the film)
Page number of the source document on the film

The index of films listed is not of the complete list of all recorded movements of that time period - other sources are being indexed by State Records of New South Wales. Copies of the indexed documents may be viewed at State Records New South Wales, or copies may be obtained from them (details included on the CD).

System Requirements

This index runs under Adobe Acrobat Reader, PC and Mac, Versions 3 and later. Adobe and Adobe Acrobat Reader are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Acrobat Reader is distributed freely.
A copy of Acrobat Reader version 6 is included on this CD. If you do not already have a Reader (PC version 4 or later) installed then to install it on a PC:
a. insert the CD and wait until the CD drive has spun up (usually takes around 10 seconds).
b. Click Start then Run and type in (where the CD drive is D:
c. D:\acrobatv6
d. then follow the screen prompts
Approximately 20 MB free disk space is required by the Index. If the included Adobe Acrobat Reader is added approximately a further 20 MB is required.

Index to Colonial Convict Movements 1827 to 1853 was indexed by volunteers of The Descendants of Convicts Group Victoria Inc. Index Copyright The Descendants of Convicts Group Victoria Inc. Published by The Descendants of Convicts Group Victoria Inc. Melbourne Australia November 2003

ISBN 0-9581771-1-2

To order this CD or other Publications Go to the Convict Store

    Members'Convicts and Ships

    A publication listing our members proven convicts and the ships they arrived in.


    Abbreviations used in Convict Records of Van Diemen's Land and New South Wales.

    Two of our other publications are the "Arrows of Hope" series.

    The first "Arrows of Hope" is a 180 page book containing profiles of 85 transported convicts.
    ISBN 0-646-37055-3
    "Arrows of Hope" Vol 2 is 277 pages with 102 profiles on transported convicts.
    Both books are different and are an excellent reference library for the research of the convict transportation system. ISBN 0-9581771-0-4
    For prices and to order.

    List of Names Book 1

    ANLEZARK Thomas Ainsworth--AYRES William--BARTON George--BECKLEY Ann
    BLACKALL Samuel--BRACKLEY John--BROOKS Thomas--BULL Elizabeth--BURKE Eliza
    BURKINSHAW John--CALLAGHAN Margaret--CAMPBELL Catherine--CAMPBELL Thomas (Jnr)
    CAMBPELL Thomas (Snr)--CHARKER William--CHARLES Robert--CHESHIRE Thomas--CLARKE Ann
    CLARKE Mary Ferns--CLIFFORD Margaret--COE Thomas--COLLIER William--CONSIDANCE Mary
    CONSIDINE Mary--COOPER James--COWELL Eli--CROSS Charles--CUSADINE Mary--DOHERTY Denis--DWYER Christopher--EDHOUSE Benjamin--ENNIS Richard--EYRES William--FLOOD Rose Hannah--GILBERT Josiah--GOBBY Thomas--GREEN Thomas--GRIER Thomas--GROSS Charles HADDON Thomas--HANNA Hugh--HARLEY Margaret--HARRIS Janathin--HASSALL Thomas HAYWARD Elizabeth--HAYWOOD Elizabeth--HERBERT Thomas--HEYWOOD Elizabeth
    HOLLOING Mary--HUGHES John--JOHNSON Cecelia--KING James--LANE William--LEWIS Cecelia MAGUIRE Christopher--MALONE Mary--MARSH William--MASTERSON John--McKEON James Nicholas--McMILLAN Agnes--McNAMARA Patrick--MOORE Mary Ann--MORAN Mary Ann
    MORGAN Rosanna--O'BRIEN Henry--PECK Augusta--PLUNKETT James--PULLEY Elizabeth
    RAINSFORD Septimus Forlonge--ROBERTS Alicia--ROBERTS Elinor--ROBERTS William
    ROPE Anthony--RUSSELL Henry--SADLER George Keilor--SANDERSON John--SAPSFORD Moses
    SAPSED Moses--SAUNDERSON John--SHACKLE Elizabeth--SHERWOOD Henry--SLADE Charles
    SMITH John--SOWTER Francis--STANLEY William--STARMER Ann--STEPHENSON Frances
    STYNES James--SWAIN Samuel--TEASDALE Ann--THOMPSON Thomas--TROY Richard
    TY-ISHA Jac--VINCENT Elizabeth--WATSON William--WELLS James--WOODS Thomas
    WRIGHT William--YARWOOD Thomas

    List of Names Book 2

    BENNETT James--BOWLES Justice--BRAXTON George--BRENNAN Thomas--BUTCHER William
    BUTLER Joseph--CHAPMAN John--CHAPMAN Sarah Emma--COLVIN James--CONNERS Mary
    COUSINS Reubin--COUTTS Robert Percy--CRAHAN Thomas--CRONIN Ellen--CROSS Robert--CRUISE John Owen--CURTIS Henry--DAVIS John--DELANEY Catherine--DINSDALE William Young
    FLOWER Abraham Charles--FREEMAN William--FREESTONE James--FROST Robert
    FULLER Edward--GALLAGHER Sarah Emma--GARDINER James--GILES Charles
    GILLIGAN Edward Dennis--GOODWIN Andrew--HANKIN George--HARFORD Mary
    HARTLAND Joseph--HAY Robert--HAYWOOD Charles--HAZELWOOD William--HOODY Rachael
    HOGAN Catherine--HOPGOOD George--HOPGOOD John--HOPPER Elizabeth--HOSTE Jane
    HOWARD Edmund--HOWARD John--KEELING Abraham--KETTLE Samuel
    LUCAS Joseph--LUCAS William--MADDEN Mary--MARGERRISON George
    McGRATH Bridget--McGRATH Thomas--McLAUGHLIN Catherine--McLEAN Margaret
    MILNER Charles--MOCKRIDGE Mary--MONKS Mary--MOORE Edward--MORGAN Sophia
    MURRAY Darby (Jeremiah)--MURRY Darby (Jeremiah)--NEWITT Adam--NICHOLLS John
    NORTON Patrick--O'BRIEN Michael Joseph--PARDOE Mary--PARKER George--PARLER Thomas
    PENDERGRASS Elizabeth--PIGUENIT Frederick Le Geyt--PITCHER James--PITT Ann
    RISELEY Randle--ROBINSON Mary Ann--RYAN John--RYAN Michael--RYAN Peter
    SARGEANT William--SARGENT William--SCOTT William--SEDGWICK Sarah--SHAW Joseph
    SILVESTER John--SIMPSON Mary--SKINN William--SMITH Ambrose--SMITH Joseph
    SPEAR Margaret--STEWARD Hanry--STRINGFELLOW Margaret--SULLIVAN William
    TINDALL Daniel--WALKER Jane--WATSON Richard--WILLIAMS Eleanor--WILLIAMS Eliza
    WILLIAMS Isaac--WILLIAMSON George--WISEMAN Ellen Mary--WOOD Thomas
    WOOLLEY Sarah

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