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We list here any convicts that members have researched but not neccessarily proven.
The Members are willing to share details with any other researcher seeking information about that person.
The details are as supplied - we are not checking the accuracy - we have not included any alias names for the convicts on the list. They are not neccessarily Proven Convicts by our standards (as noted above) But we have checked they did arrive in Australia as Convicts.

Members No.
Convict Name
Departure Date
Departure Port
1215BOREHAM JamesBarossa (2)17 May 1844DownsTas
1215BOREHAM RebeccaNavarine9 October 1840LondonTas
1215BOREHAM StephenAgincourt9 July 1844WoolwichTas
1215COBBETT JosephMoffatt14 August 1842PortsmouthTas
1215COLLINS GeorgeLady Nugent12 July 1836LondonTas
1215SHURY ElizabethEmma Eugenia (2)30 November 1843LondonTas
1215SHIRLEY HarrietEmma Eugenia (2)30 November 1843LondonTas
1215HUDSON JosephMandarin29 February 1840LondonTas
1215EUSTOE SarahElizabeth & Henry (3)13 February 1848LondonTas
1215Email D.O.C's
1140WIFFEN MarySurrey 1 (10)13 July 1840DownsN.S.W.
1140SIMMONDS GeorgeBengal Merchant (3)8 August 1836DownsN.S.W.
1140Email Member Direct
961BENNETT JamesSir Godfrey Webster(1)8 August 1823Sheerness/LondonTas
961ROBINSON Mary AnnGilbert Hendenson14 December 1839LondonTas
961Email Member Direct
319DOHERTY DenisLord Dalhousie (1)April 1852CorkTas
319Email Member Direct
1457GREENTREE HenryMarquis of Wellington1 September 1814EnglandN.S.W.
1457FARLOW RobertCanada 121 June 1801SpitheadN.S.W.
1457BUSHELL PaulSurprize19 January 1790EnglandN.S.W.
1457IZARD JohnPerseus12 February 1802SpitheadN.S.W.
1457PARDOE MaryLady Juliana29 July 1789PlymouthN.S.W.
1457HODGETTS ThomasScarborough 219 January 1790EnglandN.S.W.
1457LOCK MatthewSurprize19 January 1790EnglandN.S.W.
1457GRAHAM EuphamPitt17 July 1791Yarmouth RoadsN.S.W.
1457FLOOD RoseNeptune19 January 1790EnglandN.S.W.
1457HAYES RichardAdmiral Gambier (2)12 May 1811EnglandN.S.W.
1457STAINES DanielSurrey 1 (8)7 April 1834PlymouthN.S.W.
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1028BEDWELL (Reilly) EdwardHercules 11 (2)3 July 1830DublinN.S.W.
1028KELLY MarySpeke 1 (1)18 May 1808FalmouthN.S.W.
1028WEBB MaryGrenada (3)2 October 1824LondonN.S.W.
1028WINCHESTER GeorgeSurrey 1(7) or (3)4 December 1832DownsTas
1028Email Member Direct
1156NICHOLS SamuelMaria Somes (1)25 April 1844LondonTas
1156 Email D.O.C's
1068MORRISS WilliamAsia 1 (7)21 February 1833DownsN.S.W.
1068Email Member Direct
744GIBBINS MargaretKinnear (2)16 June 1848DublinTas
744GILL JohnFrances Charlotte (2)1 January 1837PortsmouthTas
744Email Member Direct
1057SOWDEN SamuelNithsdale1 January 1830SheernessN.S.W.
1057ADAMS ThomasRoyal Admiral 1(l)30 May 1792PortsmouthN.S.W.
1057RAY (Jay) WilliamAlbermarle27 March 1791PortsmouthN.S.W.
1057BOONE NathanielAdmiral Gambier (2)12 May 1811ENG Portsmouth ?N.S.W.
1057RUDD ThomasNeptune19 January 1790ENG Portsmouth ?N.S.W.
1057RUDD ThomasEarl Cornwallis18 November 1800ENG Portsmouth ?N.S.W.
1057CABLE MaryExperiment 12 January 1804CowesN.S.W.
1057WADE MaryLady Juliana29 July 1789PlymouthN.S.W.
1057BROOKER JonathanAtlantic27 March 1791PlymouthN.S.W.
1057HARRIGAN TeagueSalamander27 March 1791PlymouthN.S.W.
1057JENKINS JohnSpeke 1(2)22 December 1820EnglandN.S.W.
1057Email Member Direct
1294Wood Mary DawsonSovereign (1)14 July 1827LondonTas
1294WOOD AaronYork 1 (3)1 September 1832PlymouthTas
1294Email Member Direct
1014LANCESTER JohnLloyds (1)25 August 1833DownsN.S.W.
1014Email Member Direct
1463HOUGH GregoryIsabella 1 (2)4 November 1821Cork IrelandN.S.W.
1463TILLY MaryPrincess Royal6 January 1829LondonN.S.W.
1463DOE ThomasAboukir28 December 1851EnglandTas
1463CUMMINGS MaryDuchess of Northumbland (2)27 November 1852WoolwichTas
1463Email Member Direct
49HARRIS/HARRISS CharlesLord William Bentnick 17 May 1832PortsmouthTas
49RYAN Mary Ann/Ann MaryHindostan9 May 1839LondonTas
49Email Member Direct
1485DICKINSON AnnNew Grove25 November 1834LondonTas
1485WILLIAMS ThomasAsia (2)13 July 1827LondonTas
1485Email Member Direct
1076ALEXANDER IsaacMinerva 1 (3)1 August 1821DownsN.S.W
1076ALEXANDER JamesRichmond27 November 1821SheernessTas
1076ALEXANDER SamuelMinerva 1 (3)1 August 1821DownsN.S.W.
1076CARR DanielLady Kennaway (2)11 June 1836DownsN.S.W.
1076CARR WilliamMangles (8)23 March 1837PortsmouthN.S.W.
1076SWIFT CeliaSurrey 1 (10)2 April 1840DownsN.S.W.
1076WICKS HenryNithsdale1 January 1830SheernessN.S.W.
1076Email Member Direct
1076.1FARR CharlesBangalore (2)7 January 1850SpitheadMoreton Bay
1076.1Email Member Direct
1484BYRNES PatrickWaverley (2)25 April 1841KingstonTas
1484Email Member Direct
1349LYNCHEY SarahMary lll (5)16 April 1835WoolwichN.S.W.
1349LYNCHEY ThomasMary Anne (11)9 July 1835Sheerness N.S.W.
1349DUDLEY GeorgeHMS Coromandel (11)1 November 1819SpitheadN.S.W.
1349Email Member Direct
1447HOLMES WilliamEarl Cornwallis18 November1800EnglandN.S.W.
1447DEMPSEY JohnAtlas 230 May 1802Cork IrelandN.S.W.
1447HAYNES SarahHMS Glatton23 September 1802GravesendN.S.W.
1447GLOVER JohnOcean 1? 1815EnglandN.S.W.
1447MILLS EdwardAtlas 1 (2)10 June 1819GravesendN.S.W.
1447HILTON ElizabethLord Wellington? 1819IrelandN.S.W.
1447COLE ThomasSurrey 1 (4)5 October 1822PortsmouthN.S.W.
1447Gregory MaryDiana11 December 1832WoolwichN.S.W.
1447Email Member Direct
1265ROGAN JohnFortune (1)11 January 1806EnglandN.S.W.
1265WILSON SarahFriends? (not given)EnglandN.S.W.
1265BROOKSHAW SussanahMinstrel (1)4 June 1812EnglandN.S.W.
1265WISE EleanorMinstrel (1)4 June 1812EnglandN.S.W.
1265PRIMER SarahLord Melville 1 (1)15 September 1816EnglandN.S.W.
1265PAYNE JohnMalabar (1)17 June 1819SpitheadN.S.W.
1265PAYNE ThomasMalabar (1)17 June 1819SpitheadN.S.W.
1265PAYNE RichardMalabar (1)17 June 1819SpitheadN.S.W.
1265Email Member Direct
1335ALLFORD JohnDavid Malcolm13 May 1843 1845DownsNorfolk Island
1335BLADES JohnSarah (2)22 December 1836SpitheadTas
1335BLADES FrancisSarah (2)22 December 1836SpitheadTas
1335BLADES AbelSarah (2)22 December 1836SpitheadTas
1335BLADES HoraceWestmorland (4)19 May 1841SheernessTas
1335BLADES FrederckMinden21 July 1851PlymouthW.A.
1335BLADES WilliamAll details unknown
1335DUNN SamuelCountess of Harcourt (1)19 Aprl 1821PortsmouthTas
1335DUNN ThomasPrince of Orange (2)1 April 1822EnglandTas
1335LANG/LAING ThomasCaledonia (2)19 June 1822PortsmouthTas
1335McMAHON JohnConstant9 May 1843DublinTas
1335NORTH RebeccaProvidence ll (2)24 December 1825DownsTas
1335O'NEILL JamesLady Kennaway (3)5 February 1851PortsmouthTas
1335PLOMER GraceMary lll (3)11 June 1831WoolwichTas
1335PLOMER WilliamIsabella l (4)27 November 1831PlymouthN.S.W.
1335PLUMMER CatherineCadet (2)9 September 1847LondonTas
1335SMITH Mary AnnGarland Grove (1)23 June 1841LondonTas
1335WHELAN Ann(E)Blackfriers24 January 1851DublinTas
1335WILLIAMS EdwardHenretta13 February 1843LondonTas
1335BRO(O)MALL Alais CAPPER JamesLady East16 December 1824EnglandTas
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