About CMHS

Statement of Purpose:

The City of Moorabbin Historical Society (CMHS) is a small not-for-profit organisation devoted to preserving the history and heritage of the former City of Moorabbin. It exists for the benefit of the public, as much as for its members. Among other activities, it acts as the custodian of the Box Cottage Museum (BCM), allowing the cottage and its exhibits to be open for viewing by the public. The society maintains a library of the area’s history, and generally acts as a resource for members of the community with an interest in local history and heritage.

The suburbs of the former City of Moorabbin include:

  • Ormond
  • McKinnon
  • Bentleigh
  • Bentleigh East
  • Heatherton
  • Moorabbin
  • Highett
  • Cheltenham

The City of Moorabbin Historical Society was founded in 1960. Over the following decades a group of enthusiastic members met in various locations. In 1984, the ‘Box Cottage’ Museum was built in Joyce Park, Jasper Road, Ormond, using a Bi-Centennial Grant, a Moorabbin City Council Grant, and the generous donation of building materials by A. Lewis Timber & Co Pty Ltd. Members meet informally on Open Days between 1-2pm in the adjacent ‘Grace Lewis’ Room, which also houses the CMHS library, and photograph collection. New members and visitors are most welcome.

The City of Moorabbin Historical Society:

  • Displays and preserves a collection of donated historical artefacts, historical photographs, and documents at ‘Box Cottage’, some of which are recorded on Victorian Collections, Museums Australia Victoria website (see Links).
  • Promotes and encourages community interest in both local and Victorian history.
  • The society welcomes community groups.
  • Designs specific tools aimed at engaging and involving school children.
  • Publishes an occasional Newsletter - The Moorabbin Mirror.
  • Encourages sharing of information between members, other historical societies, community groups, and interested individuals.