2014 Meetings will still be in Bridie O'Reilly's Pub Until Further Notice
Brunswick Town Hall is still not available. Our meetings will continue to be held in the Private Function Room of Bridie O'Reilly's Irish Pub (the former Sarah Sands Hotel) until further notice.
In celebration of History Week 2014
a talk by Keith Stodden
"The Trams of Melbourne"
Date: 25 October 2014 (Saturday)         
Time: 2 PM till 4 PM approximately       
Venue: Private Function Room,                 
Bridie O'Reilly's Irish Pub
(former Sarah Sands Hotel)

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Food and drinks at pub prices. Some of us meet at 12.10 PM for a light lunch and chat
Enquiries: Francesca 9387 1194
In November 2014
A Distant Grief: Australians, War Graves & the Great War
 Stories from World War One Soldiers...            Reports from the Trenches...
by Bart Ziino
Date: 1 November 2014 (Saturday)           
Time: 1.30 PM till 4.30 PM approximately 
Venue: Private Function Room,                       
Bridie O'Reilly's Irish Pub     
(former Sarah Sands Hotel)   
In December 2014
The Adventures of a Gold Watch
 This tale will have you spellbound!!!!
by Harry Farthing
Date:  6 December 2014 (Saturday)           
Time: 1.30 PM till 4.00 PM approximately 
Venue: Private Function Room,                       
Bridie O'Reilly's Irish Pub     
(former Sarah Sands Hotel)   
Can You Help?
For the past year or so I have been asking for letters, postcards, medals etc. of Brunswick people who had gone off to WWI. Several people responded to my request and I am extremely grateful to these people for taking the trouble of answering my call for help.
Now I have another request, which possibly does not relate to our members in the BCHG but may relate to friends or to neighbours.
I am trying to locate Moreland residents, whose forefathers participated in WWI and who were not part of the British Empire..
My grandfather was a POW in Siberia in WWI and my grandmother told me that she had to wait several years for her betrothed to come home from the front.
I have spoken to several "naturalised Australians" living in Brunswick and the City of Moreland, whose grandfather was also involved in this "Great War"
Please let me know if you have such a friend or neighbour and the country of origin of their forefathers.
I feel that on this 100th anniversary of WWI, we need to remember and to commemorate all who fought, all who survived and all who made the supreme sacrifice and gave their life.
- Francesca Folk-Scolaro
  President, Brunswick Community History Group 
  PO Box 8, Brunswick VIC 3056
  Phone: 03 9387 1194

Do you remember?
  1. Summerfield Grocers
  2. Moran & Cato
  3. Empire Picture Theatre
  4. Delicatessen Shop corner Barkly St & Sydney Rd, Motorcycle shop near Town Hall?
  5. Ford Motor Showroom in Brunswick Rd
  6. Picture Theatre in Brunswick Rd
  7. Jingles - Cherry Ripe, Aeroplane Jelly, Vegemite, Louis the Fly (Mortein?)
  8. Persil - Whiter than white
  9. Macleans toothpaste
  10. Skipping Girl Vinegar
  11. School - Saluting the Flag Monday morning, St Patrick's Day March
  12. Meat and 3 Veg
  13. The Argonauts (ABC)
  14. Peter's Pals with Bert Newton (3XY?)
  15. Pain Relief - Bex & Vincent's Powders
  16. Californian Poppy hair oil
  17. Gravox Gravy
  18. Drinks - Horlicks (Night Starvation?) Tarax, Loy, ginger beer, Chablis in 1 gallon flagons, Cottees Passiona, Benean Moselle, Coffee tea bonox, Bushell's Coffee Essence, (man wearing turban?)
  19. Where's George? Gone for a Tosca.
  20. Prue Acton
  21. Pro Hart
  22. Travel - Qantas (I still call Australia home), Ansett, TAA - Come fly away with TAA
  23. Soaps - Lux, Cashmere Bouquet
  24. Reckitts Blue
If you have any advertisements in old magazines or newspapers please contact us


Can you help?

The Brunswick Community History Group is interested in collecting and publishing local history stories.
We often get requests for information about great-grandparents or other family members which we cannot supply, but we are happy to publish whatever information the person researching his or her family history has already found out, in our quarterly magazine 'Fusion'. Quite often this has led to further information or even contact with long lost family or friends.