Brunswick Community History Group (BCHG) Inc. is a community-based organization interested in the history of our local area. We are interested in all the aspects of history, research, reminiscences, families, historic buildings, documents & photographs.

Our Aim

Through our members, BCHG aims to:

  • Foster a greater appreciation of Brunswick's history and urban environment

  • Increase community access to information about Brunswick's history and its people

  • Promote research into and publication of information about Brunswick's history and urban form

  • Encourage the conservation of historical materials and places

What does BCHG do?

BCHG's activities depend on the interests and enthusiasms of our members. To help achieve our objectives, BCHG involves itself in:

  • Research projects

  • Encouraging and assisting individuals to research the aspects of local history of interest to them

  • Assist researchers by preparing guides, bibliographies and indexes to local history materials

  • Gather information on Brunswick's history and make it available to the community

  • Advocate the retention of important buildings, street scapes, features and landmark of Brunswick

  • Encourage community-based history projects, including school projects

  • Publish a wide variety of local history information

BCHG Meetings

BCHG meets monthly, on the first Saturday of each month at 1:30 pm in the Mayor's room, first floor, former Brunswick City Council chambers, corner of Sydney and Glenlyon Roads, Brunswick.

Unless specified otherwise, all meetings by default will be taking place at Sherwood House - SITEWORKS, 33 Saxon St, Brunswick VIC 3056 until further notice.

Contact us for more information.