The Bendigo Advertiser was established in 1853. It was one of the first newspapers printed and published on any Australian goldfield. Since 1856 it has been published daily. Some of the information in these volumes are available from our Government indexes and other sources, but these notices printed in their entire text give us further details of where and when the event occurred, often telling us which country our ancestor may have come from, with addresses, occupations, cause of death, also many relations names.

The Bendigo Advertiser was and still is the main newspaper for Bendigo. Betty Jackman has extracted all the 'Personal Notices' from the Advertiser and has published these notices in hard cover book form. Volume I covers the years 1854 - 1880 and the entire text of each notice is published. Volume 2 details years 1881 - 1895 and as well as Birth, Death & Marriages, the Memoriam Notices have been included in the second book. Volume 3 covers the years 1896 - 1910 and once more Betty is to be congratulated for the extensive research she has done and the comprehensive nature of the publications. All books are very well bound, on high quality paper with hard covers.

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Betty M. Jackman
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