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Sergeant James Hume Kidd

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Sergeant James Hume Kidd: 1854 1898. click image

James Hume Kidd was born at Guilford on the 31 March 1854 according to his Police Service Record (or in Northern Ireland if some records are to be believed). He was the son of John and Jane (nee Kidd.)

In the 1870s, entry into the Victoria Police was restricted to those who had served for a time in the Permanent Artillery. After coming to Victoria, James Kidd served his time and then entered the Victoria Police on the 17 December 1877.

He married Mary Ann Whitfield in 1880 and the couple had three children born at Sandhurst between 1883 and 1888. The first child, Lucy, died when one day old. The other children, both married and lived in Melbourne until in their 70s.

In the book, 'Benalla Past and Present', there is a picture showing James Hume Kidd in a 1990 photograph of the Benalla Police. At that time he was a Sergeant. His sister Maud was also with the family in Benalla and she passed away in 1894.

James Hume Kidd was a victim of cancer which eventually caused his death while still serving in the Superintendent's Office.

He died on the 28 February 1898 at the age of 46 years.

James Kidd's wife, Mary Ann, lived for many years after his death and died at Prahran on the 30 August 1943