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Contact Us

Address for meetings and mail
Balwyn Historical Society
c/- Balwyn Evergreen Centre
45 Talbot Avenue
Balwyn 3103


For queries  9836 6589
Inward messages only  9836 9681



Balwyn Historical Society Committee


    President                    Martin Barrett 
Secretary                    Pat O'Dwyer
 Vice President              Marilyn Poole
Programs & Publicity   Robin Kelly
Newsletter                      Pat O'Dwyer
  Website                         vacant
      Archivist                       Pam Herrington
Other non committee assistance
               Newsletter   Lynette Woolley & Deidre Wooley
Resources             Heather Alford


Role of the Balwyn Evergreen Centre (BEC)

The Balwyn Evergreen Centre auspices the Balwyn Historical Society as a supported activity. It has made a meeting room available at the Evergreen Centre, 45 Talbot Avenue Balwyn.
It also assists the Historical Society by providing a small office room on the premises, where books and historical records are collected and kept. A computer with internet access is available for general society records, historical research and the management of archival text and photographic records, and for producing and archiving electronic images  
As well as physical facilities, Historical Society office bearers and mrmbers are protected by BEC’s insurance cover . Financial records kept by BHS are audited as part of BEC accounts