These are thumbnails of the plans and drawings used in the Plans Maps & Sketches Page. These images could be viewed full size by used viewer software such as IMAGING. The software you choose would depend upon your computer setup and operating system.

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crude plan 2258.jpg (72558 bytes) Complete Plan Lower Homebush school.jpg (626475 bytes)
hand drawn plan of school #2258 complete plan of #2258
kitchen plan never built.jpg (169976 bytes) lhb & hb map.jpg (3141151 bytes)
kitchen plan that was never built for school #2258 Lower Homebush & Homebush town plan
Township of HB.jpg (894982 bytes) plan of School no. 1579 Homebush.jpg (489558 bytes)
Homebush only town plan plan of school #1579
missing room side view jpeg.jpg (127904 bytes)  
Detail of the missing room plans school #2258