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Name - Year of Death - Place of Death

A CHOO 1857 Avoca

A CHOW 1858 Avoca

AH CAR Mary Ann 1872 Percydale

AH A FONG 1866 Avoca

AH KING 1871 Landsborough

AH YOUNG 1859 Avoca

ALLEN Archibald 1871 Fiddler’s Creek

ANDERSON Jane Charlotte 1863 Lexton

ANDERSON William (alias ARNOLD) 1861 Avoca

.......... as above also (alias ESDEN)

ARNOLD William (see ANDERSON William)

AUSTIN William 1864 Donkey Hill

AVERY Elizabeth 1924 St. Arnaud

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BALFOUR Mary 1859 Avoca

BARKER James 1870 Landsborough

BARRY Thomas 1861 Avoca

BELL Thomas 1866 Avoca

BENNETTS Emma 1872 Avoca


BIRD Henry 1857 (Robbery)

BIRDSALL Eliza 1861 Burn Bank

BLACK Bridget 1862 Avoca

BLACKWELL Adam 1859 Amphitheatre

BLAND Lizzie (see WYAT)

BLIGHT William Edward 1873 Lower Alma

BOULLIE Bartold 1859 Mountain Hut

BOYD John 1857 Carisbrook

BRENNAR Thomas 1874 Navarre

BRIDGEWATER John 1862 Avoca

BRINCKMAN John 1861 Amphitheatre

BRITTON William (see WHITHAM) 1865 Amphitheatre

BROOK Isaac 1863 Homebush

BROOKS Joseph 1864 Amphitheatre

BROWN Jane 1861 Mountain Creek

BROWN Thomas 1859 Crowlands New Rush

BURDEN Peter 1867 Amphitheatre Station

BURNETT William 1861 Hines Station


BUTCHER Alexander 1859 Avoca

BUTCHER Isabella & still born child 1865 Avoca

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CAMPBELL Neil 1859 Ararat

CARPENTER Mary Jane (see CRAM) 1862 Barkly

CARROLL Mary & unborn child 1868 Alma

CATCHPOLE Margaret Louisa 1878 Percydale

CHACK COOEY 1870 No 2 Creek

CHAMINGS Richard 1860 Amphitheatre

CHAPMAN Thomas Henry 1863 Moonambel

CHEMIMIE (female aboriginal)

CHIER CUNE 1858 Avoca

CLARKE John 1869 Glenlogie

CLARKE Joseph 1864 Landsborough

CLEGG Margaret 1884 Mountain Hut

CLIVE John 1864 Springs/Lexton

COLEMAN James 1853 Lexton

COLLINS Elizabeth 1862 Landsborough

COLLINS Bridget 1860 Amphitheatre

COLLINS Thomas 1860 Amphitheatre

CONSTABLE Mary Jane 1872 Green Hill Creek

CORBETT Alexander 1869 Natte Yallock

COTTER Harry 1905 Avoca

COWPER Charles 1861 Mountain Creek

COX Thomas 1863 Redbank


CRITCHLEY Thomas 1861 Redbank

CUNNINGHAM William 1864 Deep Lead

CURRIE Ellen 1862 Moonambel

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DALY Arthur Edward 1899 Avoca

DALY Patrick Edmund 1905 Percydale

DARRAS Salvadore 1863 Landsborough

DAVIES Abraham 1868 Maryborough

DAVIS Charles 1856 Lexton

DEWAR Andrew Kennis 1864 Springs/Lexton

DICKETT Harriet 1876 Moonambel

DICKSON John 1874 Moonambel

DICKSON Sarah 1879 Moonambel

DODD Sarah 1860 Lamplough

DOHERTY Michael Patrick 1860 Lamplough

DOUGLAS James Lelie 1876 Stuart Mill

DOWLIN Emma 1870 Glen Patrick

DOYLE Ellen 1861 Redbank

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EDMONDS John 1863 Amphitheatre

ELIZA (aboriginal) 1865 Amherst

ELLETT Thomas 1887 Maryborough

ELLIS John 1861 Redbank

ELLRICH G. 1853 Avoca

ESDEN William (see ANDERSON)

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FAIRBARNS James 1866 Donkey Hill

FARDY John 1862 Barkly

FITZGERALD Daniel 1897 Wareek

FLATTOW Catherine 1863 Moonambel

FOREMAN Emma Tonkin 1863 Addington/Learmonth

FORREST John 1861 Navarre

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GALLAGHER Irene 1875 Stuart Mill

GAZE Thomas 1867 Amphitheatre

GILBERT William 1865 Fiddler’s Creek

GLEESON Jane (see NOLAN) 1855 Fiery Creek

GOLLOP Male Child 1872 Mountain Hut

GONIGAZA Dyonisis 1860 Avoca

GONIGAZA Antonio 1860 Avoca

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GOO SING 1863 Landsborough

GOODRIDGE Theresa Ann 1862 Mountain Hut

GORDON Robert 1861 Hines Diggings

GRANT Thomas 1860 Lamplough

GRASSUS (Aboriginal) 1868

GRAY Sarah Jane (see MURPHY) 1866 Lamplough

GRAVES William 1867 Moonambel

GREEN Thomas 1865 Bung Bong

GREEN Thomas 1860 Avoca

GREWAR David 1858 Avoca

GREY Jacob 1863 The Malakoff

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HAMILTON James 1855 Avoca

HARDING Christopher 1884 Glenpatrick

HARDING Ernest Otto 1861 Navarre Rush

HARPER Francis 1859 Burn Bank

HARRIS Edwin 1862 Avoca

HARRIS Horace 1863 Avoca

HARRIS John 1859 Avoca

HARRIS Mary 1854 Avoca

HENDERSON David 1854 Lexton Hotel

HENDERSON George 1861

HENDERSON John Healy 1860 Burn Bank

HENRY James (see REYNOLDS) 1869 Glenlogie

HENRYS Ann 1863 Landsborough

HEWITT Francis 1862 Moonambel

HILL John 1864 Homebush

HILL William 1883 Homebush

HINCKLEY John 1859 Green Hills

HODGKINSON Richard Earl 1861 Glen Patrick

HUDSON James (Big Jemmy) 1865 Donkey Hill

HUGHES Adult Female 1854 Avoca

HUNT Thomas 1860 Avoca

HUNTER William 1863 Amphitheatre

HUSS Edward 1860 Lamplough

HUTSON Charles 1867 Eversley

HUMPHRIES Richard 1882 Maryborough

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IRWIN John 1860 Avoca

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JACKIE (Aboriginal male) 1860 Avoca

JARVIS Harriet 1863 Moonambel

JEFFRIES Ann 1870 Middle Creek

JEFFREYS Thomas 1877 Mountain Hut

JOHN (a Chinaman) 1855 Avoca

JOHNSON Ann Molton 1864 Avoca

JOHNSON Jeremiah 1868 (fire)

JOHNSON John Andrew 1874

JOHNSTONE John 1860 Lexton

JONES Robert 1857 Avoca

JUBY George (see OWEN Owen) 1860 Lamplough

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KELLAR Daniel 1853 Lexton

KELLY William 1863 The Malakhoff

KENNY Elizabeth 1863 The Malakhoff

KENWORTHY Edward 1863 Landsborough

KILBEE William 1862 Landsborough

KNIPPEL Harry 1862 Amphitheatre

KNOTT Henry 1859 Avoca

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LAKE Charles 1854 Avoca

LEE Daniel 1860 Amphitheatre

LEE Hugh 1855 Avoca

LEVY George 1871 Fiddlers Creek

LISTER Henry 1858 Avoca

LOCK ZIM 1857 Avoca

LUST George 1860

LYNCH Richard 1854 Yawong Springs Station

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McCLEERY Samuel 1867 McCallums Creek

McCOY Elizabeth Allen 1860 Homebush

MacCUE Patrick 1870 Malakhoff

McDERMOTT Rosa 1861 Amphitheatre

McDONALD Daniel 1860 Mountain Creek

McDONALD Jane 1855 Avoca

McDONALD Jane 1864 Landsborough

McDUGALD Margaret 1860 Avoca

MacLEAN Daniel Archibald 1862 Redbank

McMULLEN George 1895 Avoca

McNICOL Eliza Frances 1861 Hines Diggings

McVICAR William (jnr) 1867 Glen Patrick

MAGNER Robert 1863 Landsborough

MALCOLM William 1870 Fiddlers Creek

MALLARD Henry 1860 Lamplough

MANGER Charles 1860 Lamplough

MARQUIAN David 1864 Talbot

MARSHALL James 1871 Talbot

MARTIN Robert 1860 Amphitheatre

MAYHEW Eliza 1862 Avoca

ME KIM 1864 Glen Patrick


MILLER Henry 1861 Navarre

MILLER William 1860 Lamplough

MILLER William (see PETTIGROVE & PIPER) 1862 Amphitheatre

MINITTI Maria (see BURNITTI) 1871 Fiddlers Creek

MOAN Francis 1860 Navarre

MOLBERG Karl George Albert 1864 Barkly

MONCKTON Mary Matilda 1862 Barkly

MOORE Edward 1864 Amphitheatre

MOORE Louisa Matilda 1888 Elmhurst

MOORE Rosa 1868 Moonambel

MORRIS Alice Devenny 1865 Moonambel

MORRIS Harriet Louisa 1861 Glen Patrick

MORRIS William George 1861 Moonambel

MORROW William Gibney 1894 Navarre

MORVELL Mary Ann 1866 Mount Mitchell

MULLINS Euphemia 1865 Homebush

MUNROE George 1861 Barkly Diggings

MURPHY Sarah Jane (see GRAY Sarah Jane)

MURPHY Timothy 1857 Lexton

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NALDER Winifred 1860 Lamplough

NELSON Margaret 1869 Glen Patrick

NESBITT Mary 1894 Avoca

NEULING Heinrick 1857 Lexton

NEVILLE Edward 1868 Stuart Mill

NIAT George 1859 Crowlands

NICHOLLS James 1856 Avoca

NIXON James 1860 Woodstock

NOISEN Iver Peter 1865 Barkly


NOONAN Patrick 1861 Hines Diggings

NORMAN Ellen 1874 Moonambel

NORTON John (see PURVIS) 1868 Landsborough

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O’BRIEN John 1865 Bung Bong

ORR William 1861 Redbank

OWENS Harry 1859 Doctor’s Creek

OWENS Owen (see JUBY George)

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PADDY (Aboriginal Adult Male) 1868 Amherst

PARKER Eliza 1863 Donkey Hill

PEACOCK William 1859 Clare Castle Rush

PEEBLES S. 1868 Evansford

PENNOCK James 1854 Avoca

PETTIGROVE William Henry (see MILLER William & PIPER)

PICKERING Robert 1859 Malakhoff

PILGRAM Jane 1863 Navarre

PILGRAM Thomas 1863 Navarre

PIPER Edward (see MILLER William & PETTIGROVE)

PLUNKET Charles 1861 Hines Diggings

PORTER Isaac 1864 Lamplough

PRIOR Elizabeth 1854 Avoca

PURVIS Robert (see NORTON John)

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RAMAGE Robert 1877 Stawell

RANSOM Catherine 1862 Amphitheatre

RAWSON Catherine 1862

RAYNER William 1857 Avoca

READ Maria 1862 Redbank

READY William Deakin 1873 Maryborough

REDPATH Isabella 1862 Lamplough

REED Richard 1874 Kimberly

REYNOLDS Joseph (see HENRY James)

RICHARDSON Edward 1868 Moonambel

RIDGESHAW Edward 1861 Amphitheatre

ROBINSON William 1860 Lamplough

ROBINSON William 1854 Lexton

RODWELL Walter Thomas 1875 Percydale

ROE George 1868 Redbank (fire)

ROLLO Forbes 1859 Ararat

ROSE Henry 18?9 Cooperville

ROSS Christina 1857 Avoca

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SADLER Herbert Wormale 1856 Avoca

SALTER Eliza 1861 Redbank

SANDERSON Margaret Ann 1867 Hines Diggings

SANDERSON Alice 1867 Hines Diggings

SCHMIDT Augustus George 1868 Glenlogie

SCOTT James 1861 Mountain Creek

SCOTT William 1862 Amphitheatre

SEERY Thomas 1863 Frenchman’s Lead

SERMON Edward Thomas 1906 Amphitheatre

SEXTON Cornelius 1856 Avoca

SIMMONDS William 1854 Avoca

SIMPSON Mary 1862 Redbank

SING FAT 1870 No 2 Creek

SHANG LEE 1857 Avoca

SLORACH John 1863 Landsborough

SMITH Edward Lufto 1861 Redbank

SMITH Thomas 1865 Amphitheatre

SMITH William 1855 Burn Bank

SOUEE WY 1859 Avoca

SPARROW George 1862 Barkly

SPEED David 1866 Landsborough

SPENCER Mary 1885 Avoca

STEDMAN Joseph 1861 Crowlands

STEEL Alfred 1864 Landsborough

STEPHENS Henry 1862 Crowlands

STEVENSON (Male Child) 1862 Lamplough

STEWART Fanny 1865 Avoca

STILLMAN (see UNKNOWN Adult Male)1862 Barkly

SUGAR Thomas 1868 Bet Bet

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TARDREW Richard William 1869

TENTRAIL Anne 1862 Barkly

THISTLEWAITE John Anthony 1863 Landsborough

THOMAS William 1870/71 Maryborough

THOMPSON Ellen 1860 Avoca Gaol

THOMPSON Frederick 1863 Homebush

THOMPSON James 1863 Moonambel

THOMPSON Richard 1859 Navarre

THORNTON Jesse 1861 Redbank

TRACEY James 1861 Redbank

TREADGOLD Alsiua 1858 Lexton

TODD Edward 1859 Amphitheatre

TOM (Unknown) 1860 Springs

TOMMY (Aboriginal) 1855 Lexton

TURNER John 1862 Landsborough

TUTE Sarah Jane 1864 Maiden Hills

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UNKNOWN (Adult Male) 1868 Amphitheatre

UNKNOWN (Adult Male) 1863 Redbank

UNKNOWN (Infant) 1861 Mountain Creek

UNKNOWN (Adult Female) 1857 Avoca Hotel

UNKNOWN (Adult Male) 1856 Avoca

UNKNOWN (Adult Male) 1864 Avoca

UNKNOWN (Adult Male) 1861 Avoca

UNKNOWN (Adult Male) 1866 Avoca

UNKNOWN (Adult Male) (see STILLMAN) 1862 Barkly

UNKNOWN (Adult Male) 1856 Lexton

UNKNOWN (Adult Male) 1862 Forest Hut

UNKNOWN (Adult Male) 1860 Natte Yallock Creek

UNKNOWN (Adult Male) 1877 Stuart Mill

UNKNOWN (Adult Male) 1865 Avoca

UNKNOWN (Adult Black Male) 1871 Navarre

UNKNOWN (Aboriginal Female) 1867 Maryborough

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WALKER John 1861 Redbank

WATSON Ann 1865 Avoca

WATSON August 1867 Stuart Mill

WATSON Sarah Rachael 1877 Greenock Reff.

WEBSTER Charles Mount Alexander 1855 Avoca

WEDSWORTH Joseph 1863 Landsborough

WEE LANN 1860 Avoca

WEIBROOK Charles 1870 Alma

WHITE John James 1871 Landsborough

WHITEHOUSE Walter Thomas 1856 Amphitheatre

WHITEMAN Ellen 1871 Stuart Mill

WHITHAM Joseph (see BRITTON William)

WHITLEY William 1868 Avoca

WILLIAMS (Female Infant) 1869 Lamplough

WILLIAMS John 1903 Amphitheatre

WILLS John 1871 Moonambel

WILSON (Male) 1859 Stockwood

WILSON Ellen 1862 Moonambel

WILSON George 1853 Lexton

WOOD Margaret 1863 Amphitheatre

WOODHOUSE Ephraim 1861 Navarre New Rush

WOODS Robert 1862 Barkly

WRIGHT John 1854 Avoca

WYAT Lizzie (see BLAND) 1861 Navarre New Rush

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YOUNG Jane 1877 Stuart Mill

YOUNG John Martin 1855 (Vic Police Gaz.)

YOUNG Lam (a Chinaman) 1875 Percydale

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